Susan Sarandon Decides How Her Best Film Will End

Susan Sarandon came up with Thelma & Louise’s extreme kiss.

by Douglas Helm | published

the end of Thelma and Louise One of the most iconic cinematic endings of all time. The ending of the two kissing before driving the Grand Canyon together is as perfect as the ending can be, both thematically and emotionally. However, it was not always going to end this way and Susan Sarandon gave director Ridley Scott the idea that the film should have that impressive climax.

in an interview with Vanity FairSusan Sarandon discusses her career and her input during filming Thelma and Louise, Obviously, director Ridley Scott was always planning for Lewis to die, but he thought of pushing Thelma out of the car, saving her at the last second. Instead, Sarandon explained that she told Scott “we’ve earned that moment to be together,” and that “I want to cut down on this dialogue a lot, and by that time we’re going to finish each other’s sentences. are doing, and I want to kiss her.”

Susan Sarandon
Thelma and Louise

It just goes to show how important collaboration is in the creative process. Thelma and Lucy What undoubtedly would have been a great film with a different ending, but Susan Sarandon’s suggestion turned it into an absolute classic. Now, it’s hard to imagine that the film would end any other way.

Thelma and Louise Was reputed to have more than just the end of it. It includes stellar performances from both Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, as well as a very opening role for Brad Pitt and stellar direction from Ridley Scott. It also featured an Oscar-worthy screenplay by Kaili Khouri.

While Callie Khouri won an Oscar for her work, she wasn’t the only one who was recognized by the Academy that year for Thelma and Lucy, Ridley Scott, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon all received nominations for their work. It was also nominated in the Best Film Editing and Best Cinematography categories.

Interestingly, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis’ dual Best Actress nomination is the most recent example of a film’s two leads being nominated simultaneously in the Best Actress or Best Actor category. While Geena Davis had already taken home the Best Actress Oscar for 1988 The Accidental TouristSusan Sarandon will have to wait four more years to win dead man Walking in 1996. Ridley Scott has been nominated at the Academy Awards three times, but has yet to take home an award.

Susan Sarandon’s most recent work can be seen on the country music drama King on Fox. The series just kicked off its first season this September and stars Sarandon and Trace Atkins as Dottie Cantrell and Albie Roman, who seek to protect their country’s musical heritage after endangering their lineage. . The series is getting very poor reviews, but if you want to watch it the next episode will air on September 27.

Susan Sarandon also has a big blockbuster on the horizon with an upcoming DC film blue beetle, blue beetle Jolo will star Mariduena as Jamie Reyes, a Mexican teenager who finds an alien beetle that gives him superpowered armor. Suzanne Sarandon is all set to play the villain in the film.

blue beetle Jorge López, Adriana Barraza, Elpidia Carrillo, Damien Alcázar, Belissa Escobedo, Bruna Marquezin, Harvey Guillen and Ral Max Trujillo will also star. Angel Manuel Soto directs with a script by Gareth Dunnett-Alcosar. The film is set to hit the theaters on 18 August 2023.


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