Seven out of nine series in development

Seven of the nine will lead to a new Star Trek series in development.

by Nathan Kamal | published

A series starring former Borg Drone-to-Starfleet officer Seven of Nine (Jerry Ryan) is currently in the works at Paramount. According to our reliable and proven sources, one of the new upcoming Star Trek series will feature Seven of Nine as the main character, making it one of the first female-led series in the franchise. It will likely also continue the story of the character that was recently introduced. Picard The series starring Patrick Stewart, as well as its generally dark, dark tone.

Leading the series nine out of seven is a logical next step for the franchise, as the character was reintroduced in season one. Picard And then promoted to regular in season two. let’s say Picard After the upcoming next season (in which Jerry Ryan will appear once again) ends, it makes sense to choose a recognizable Star Trek character to keep up with the established narrative. While Picard’s third season will feature basically every character that ever appeared Next Generation (with a few exceptions), there’s been enough character development lately for nine out of seven for audiences to hopefully want to see more.

Star Trek Picard Seven of Nine

takes place almost twenty years after Picard’s finale Star Trek: Voyager, after which the Seven of Nine took up a commission with a peacekeeping organization patrolling the Romulan border. Since then, Seven of Nine have teamed up with Picard, tracing their shared Borg-related trauma, briefly becoming a Borg Queen, transported to a parallel universe in which she has never been assimilated and becoming President of Earth. , and eventually became a de facto officer. Starfleet. It’s all too easy to imagine an ongoing series that explores what will happen in Seven of Nine taking command of his own Starfleet ship.

It can be assumed that the next Star Trek: Nine out of Seven The series will be released on the Paramount+ streaming platform, as are essentially all new shows from the franchise. Currently, there are more Star Trek shows airing concurrently than ever before. Picard, Search, lower deck, ProdigyAnd strange new world all in production. Reportedly, there’s also a Section 31 series in the works starring Michelle Yeoh, which will follow the adventures of Starfleet’s hidden, morally resilient Black Ops division.

Star Trek has been in a cultural revival for many years, with series such as strange new world Receiving huge acclaim and viewership. However, it has been exclusively in the original format of the franchise, episodic television; No Star Trek Feature Film Has Been Made Since 2016 star trek beyond, while a star trek 4 With the introduction of a whole new Calvin timeline crew in development (with the introduction of the crew, we’re told), it appears more and more that Paramount is leaning into television production for the franchise.

A Seven of Nine series would be a welcome addition to the Star Trek franchise, one of the most interesting characters to emerge. Sailor Chain. If it weren’t as dark and pessimistic as the end PicardIt’ll be fine with us, but we’ll just have to see.


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