Ryan Gosling Playing Marvel’s Next Thanos-Level Villain?

Rumors abound that Ryan Gosling has been cast as Marvel’s next Big Bad, Doctor Doom.

by Michelle Martin | published

According to the online rumor mill, La la LandKay Ryan Gosling has been cast as the next Big Bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that villain will be Doctor Doom. that word Cosmic Book News, which cites several different sources that are either just now theorizing about the casting, or outright claiming it’s already in the bag. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already publicly expressed interest in “finding a place”. gray man star in mcu

Whether Gosling has been cast as Doctor Doom, or even being considered for the role, is still pretty much unconfirmed. In its report, CBN mentioned insider Jeff Snyder who was only theorizing about the Gosling/Doom match-up, and a den of nerds Tweeted earlier this week that read, “If you don’t want Ryan Gosling as Doctor Doom, you should tell Feige about it ASAP.” While the notion of Doom being Marvel’s next big villain is understandable, Gosling would seem like an odd choice for the role.

For one, Doom is typically portrayed as an animated, overly verbose villain who regularly delivers dark proclamations, asserting his undeniable superiority over everyone and everything around him. Announces, and often refers to, himself in the third person as he does so. It’s hard to imagine Ryan Gosling in a role like this. Whenever the actor plays bad guys, or anything close to a bad guy, it’s usually accompanied by a more calm and reserved kind of threat.

Then, of course, there’s the reality that Ryan Gosling’s good looks are one of his selling points, and—unless Kevin Feige and co. The plan is to stray too far from the source material – playing Doctor Doom would mean hiding your face behind a metal mask. However, this may go along with one of the views of Doom’s co-creator—the late Jack Kirby, who said that he saw Doom as a man who had only a very slight scar on his face, but Whose pride turned that mark into something monstrous. in your own mind.

god emperor doom
god emperor doom secret war #2, Marvel Comics 2015

The more credible part of the rumor is that it will be Doom — whether Ryan Gosling plays him or not — who will be Marvel’s next main villain opposite Jonathan Majors’ Kang. Fantastic Four Is on the way, Qayamat will almost certainly have a major role in the film. we also know Avengers: Secret Wars Coming out in November 2025, and in the source material it’s an all-powerful version of Doom — referring to himself as the God Emperor Doom — who is the villain of the piece.

Even if we believe the rumors about Ryan Gosling playing Doom are untrue, that doesn’t mean the star won’t be making his way into the MCU. blade runner 2049 The star has denied rumors that he was playing space-faring hero Nova, but has openly expressed interest in playing Ghost Rider.

Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider
Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider agents of SHIELD

Gabriel Luna plays the Robby Reyes version of Ghost Rider agents of SHIELD, but whether or not the series is considered canonical, that won’t necessarily affect Ryan Gosling’s chances of playing the character. There have been several versions of Ghost Rider at Marvel over the years, with different versions active at the same time.


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