Ryan Gosling Has Joined Marvel Exclusive Detail

Ryan Gosling will be playing Nova for Marvel in the near future.

Every day brings another exclusive news report that another important movie star has signed to join the MCU. This time the GiantFreakinRobot confirmed and reliable sources believe that Ryan Gosling himself, the person who helped save jazz is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although we don’t know for certain the character Ryan Gosling will be portraying at Marvel (or the exact date the character might appear) We do have a good suspicion. We believe Ryan Gosling is Marvel’s new Richard Rider, also known as Nova.

It was announced in the spring of this calendar year Marvel Studios has started work on a project that involves Nova the space cop based on the energy that isn’t Green Lantern. There are no specifics yet about what the character will be featured in the form of a feature film or Disney+ series, but we’re confident the case. Ryan Gosling will be playing Nova for Marvel in the near future. There’s already been fan-casting on the internet for Ryan Gosling to take on the role. However, while Nova isn’t everyone’s notion of a top-of-the-line superhero in Marvel Comics, Gosling already has a track record of taking on unique characters.

Ryan Gosling will be playing Nova for Marvel
Credit: Marvel Studio

For instance, prior to when Ryan Gosling can make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is set to star in the role of Ken along with Margot Robbie, in Greta’s Barbie film. The character of a plastic, doll with a blank face is not on the top of the list for all major Hollywood stars however Gosling isn’t the only one. Ryan Gosling is also set to play alongside the former (and perhaps a future) Marvel Cinematic Universe star in Netflix’s The Gray Man, Chris Evans. In the movie (directed by Marvel veteran The Russo Brothers), Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans both play trained killers, each with varying levels of bizarrely poor facial hair.

When Ryan Gosling is going to portray Nova within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he will be being part of the more cosmic aspect of the shared universe. There have been a variety of variants of Nova throughout Marvel Comics history, Richard Ryder is the most well-known version. He is often depicted as a regular human that is handed the persona and power of Nova by an alien who is dying as part of the intergalactic police force and is told not to speak”Hal Jordan” “Hal Jordan” (not really, however, but come on!). The character has been out of fashion for a few years, but it was brought back in comics and often teams alongside his fellow characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy in the form of a character.

The upcoming plans that are known for the Marvel Cinematic Universe include journeys into space with Thor: Love and Thunder, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The Marvels, and the Disney+ series Secret Invasion. It seems like an awful lot of space to introduce a space patrolman who has the charming charm of a shy man and the feeling that he’d be an ideal girlfriend. If the MCU will continue exploring the universe (and revive Nova Corps after their demise by Thanos), Nova Corps after their destruction by Thanos) Ryan Gosling might be the best choice.


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