Orlando Bloom just joined a huge video game adaptation

Orlando Bloom is starring in new Gran Turismo movie

by Douglas Helm | published

Orlando Bloom has been in adaptations of beloved books and theme park rides, but will turn his attention to a video game adaptation next. According to Hollywood ReporterBloom will co-star with David Harbor and Archie Madekwe in the upcoming Grand Touring, Neil Blomkamp is directing with a script by Jason Hall and Zach Bellin.

Grand Touring Racing series are realistic racing sim developed for the Playstation console with the most recent entry Grand Touring 7 On Playstation 5. The film, which is based on a true story, will follow a young Gran Turismo player whose skills have won him a series of Nissan competitions, making him a professional race car driver. Archie Madekewe will play the young teen, David Harbor will play the retired driver who teaches him, and Orlando Bloom will play a motor racing marketing exec.

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a proper full-length release from sci-fi director Neil Blomkamp. his 2021 film monstrous It was released quietly, with widely negative reviews and bombing at the box office. Prior to this, Blomkamp had a relatively successful run of films from 2009 to 2015 with The Incredible District 9 more enjoyable sandalwood And Chap,

This team-up with Orlando Bloom should be interesting to the director, who typically leans heavily into the science-fiction genre. A movie based on a racing simulator game is a bit left field for everyone involved, but it certainly looks like it could be an interesting project. We will have to wait till the August 2023 release date to find out.

Orlando Bloom A24 . is ready afresh for filming the upcoming comedy from sorcerers, The film follows co-stars Pete Davidson and Naomi Scott and two beach bar operators who encounter a stolen robbery. David Michod directs and co-writes the screenplay with Joel Edgerton.

Orlando Bloom will also lead the film red right hand, which co-stars Garrett Dillahunt and Andie McDowell. Bloom stars Cash, a man who is pulled back into service to defend his city after trying to lead a quiet life. Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms are co-directing with a script by Jonathan Isley.

with Grand TouringOrlando Bloom will be part of Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions’ bigger push to get more of their video game IPs out on the big and small screens. unsolved The film was his most recent effort with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. Grand Touring will join hbo the last of us series for their 2023 release. Other projects on the docket include films days gone, the ghost of tsushima, gravity rush, And jack and dexter and for TV series God of war, Horizon Zero DawnAnd twisted Metal,

It will be interesting to see how these video game adaptations perform as video game adaptations have historically been disappointing for fans and audiences alike. As with franchises it has slowly changed Sonic the Hedgehog and League of Legends of distinction achieving critical and commercial success, then maybe Grand Touring Might add to that changing tide. One thing’s for sure – it can’t hurt to hire a talent like Orlando Bloom for your video game adaptation.


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