Original Tron star set to return for sequel

Bruce Boxleitner wants to return to the Tron franchise for a third film after appearing in the original

by Chad Langan | published

Bruce Boxleitner Tron
Bruce Boxleitner in Tron

Fans aren’t the only ones keeping their fingers crossed for another entry tron Voting. According to moviewebBruce Boxleitner, the actor who portrayed the character of Alan Bradley in previous installments of the series, is definitely down to tour the grid once again. In fact, he told a group of fans at this year’s D23 Expo that he heard a third film was in development.

many years ago, a third tron The film was practically a bargain. Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto was attached to star, and director Joseph Kosinski wrote the film’s entire screenplay on storyboards. Unfortunately, Disney pulled the plug on the project in 2015, and the motion picture franchise has been on a hiatus ever since.

Released in 1982, tron was a revolutionary film due to its phenomenal special effects and breathtaking set pieces. The cult classic released its 40 . celebratedth Anniversary at D23 Expo 2022, which features a panel of several cast and crew members who all had a hand in bringing the film to life. Producer Donald Kushner, associate producer Harrison Allenshaw, effects technical supervisor John Shealey, and actor Bruce Boxleitner all attended the panel to participate in an hour-long chat about the film.

Most of the discussion between the cast and crew centered around the effect. tron The film was on the industry, as it was one of the first motion pictures to make heavy use of CGI (computer generated imagery). At the end of the panel, however, the conversation moved forward. Panelists said they were optimistic about a sequel being in development.

Bruce Boxleitner has appeared in Every tron Featuring the 1982 flick, TODAY, including the 2010 follow-up heritage2011 short next dayand tv series Rebellion, Additionally, he voiced the film’s title character in the videogame. Evolution – Battle Gridwith the release of heritage, When asked about the development of the third entry during the Tron panel at D23 Expo 2022, he said, “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been down to come back.”

Although tron Not a huge success when it was released in theaters in 1982, earning $33 million from a $17 million budget, it has become a cult-classic over the years. The story centers on a computer hacker who is kidnapped in a digital world where he is forced to participate in life-threatening games, and his only chance of survival is with the aid of a heroic security program. The sci-fi action flick stars Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner and Cindy Morgan.

of 2010 Tron: Legacy It fared better at the box office, grossing over $400 million globally. Unfortunately, the sequel came with an insane budget, costing $320 million. It’s no surprise that Disney is hesitant to go ahead with the third entry.

Jared Leto, who was a third attached tron The film at one point gave a promising update on the long-awaited sequel earlier this year. They told screen rent That he was working hard on the movie with Disney, “We’re getting closer.” Leto’s statement pairs with Bruce Boxleitner’s recent comments regarding development on a third film, and fans have every reason to be hopeful that a new sequel is on the way.


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