Olivia Wilde Forced to Talk About the Spit

Olivia Wilde finally talks about the alleged spitting incident between Harry Styles and Chris Pine.

by Joshua Jones | published

Director Olivia Wilde is finally opening up about the alleged spit incident at the Venice Film Festival. For those unaware, a video of actor Harry Styles allegedly spitting on Chris Pine’s lap while taking his seat ahead of the premiere of Wilde don’t worry darling appeared online. Wilde called the controversy another “strange rumour” during his appearance on CBS. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,

Colbert asked Olivia Wilde directly if Styles spit on Pine. The director once again denied any controversy and blamed online fan speculation and gossip for it.

“No, it didn’t. But I think it’s a perfect example of, like, people looking for drama anywhere. Harry didn’t actually spit on Chris…”

There has undoubtedly been a lot of negative pressure regarding the performance of Olivia Wilde’s second feature film. During an onstage performance at CinemaCon, the actress was given legal documents relating to her custody battle with ex-husband Jason Sudeikis. The moment not only left the audience and the actress distracted but also diverted attention from Wilde’s film.

In discussing the situation, Olivia Wilde described it as “unstable” and said that “this should not have happened.” The incident left a clear black mark on the promising career of the director/actress. An insider later said that Sudeikis had no idea that Wilde would be given the papers at a public event.

Then to make matters worse, one of the film’s former stars, Shia LaBeouf, responded to Olivia Wilde’s claims that transformer The actor was fired from the project. LaBeouf sent various text messages to Variety and an email he sent to Wilde about the “narrative” she was creating about his departure. LaBeouf claimed that he left the film due to not having time to rehearse with some of the other actors in the film.

Following the situation with LaBeouf, reports started pouring in about Olivia Wilde’s disagreements with the film’s lead cast, Florence Pugh, during production. Wilde is known to have had a personal relationship with one of the film’s stars, Harry Styles. However, it looked like this relationship caused issues between Pugh and Wilde on set.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh don’t worry darling (2022)

Hollywood Reporter ran a story on 5 septemberth, which revealed that Olivia Wilde chose not to answer questions about the alleged issues between herself and Pugh. Wilde believed that the controversy surrounding his new film had too much to do with nothing. She would later respond to LaBeouf’s claims about leaving the project, saying there were nuances in the text she sent to Variety.

Critics of Olivia Wilde’s new outing have not been kind, with critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes that the film has several problems. Some critics have even called the film “half-baked”. Wilde’s film currently holds a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

don’t worry darling Olivia Wilde’s second directorial outing since the start of 2019 book smart, The project is written by Katie Silberman, who worked with Wilde in his directorial debut. The original screenplay landed on the prestigious Hollywood blacklist of unpublished screenplays in 2019.

It remains to be seen whether Olivia Wilde can survive this devastating storm. She was once rumored to be piloting an upcoming project for Marvel, but talks and rumors on her have been quiet. don’t worry darling Hits theaters on Friday, September 23.


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