The Rock Shares a Dreadful New Image of Dr. Fate in “Black Adam”

The lead actor in Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson, posted a brand-new poster featuring Doctor Fate, the president of the Justice Society of America, played by Pierce Brosnan in the next DC Extended Universe film.

In the picture, Doctor Fate can be seen standing in front of a background made entirely of blue, appearing to prepare to cast a spell. Johnson shared a character statement with the image that said, “Fate does not make mistakes.”

Recently, Brosnan himself spoke on Doctor Fate’s abilities, saying, “While donning a gold helmet, [Doctor Fate] has the ability to teleport, revive the dead, and predict the future.” A blessing and a curse, both. In some ways, it resembles drug addiction. The helmet requires a lot of effort to wear. ” In addition, Brosnan praised the character’s attire, adding that Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra had a hand in its design. Brosnan received ideas for the Helmet of Fate from Collet-Serra so he could “participate in the aesthetic of it.”

Johnson has openly lauded Brosnan’s efforts while sharing updates about Black Adam, which has heightened fan interest. Those familiar with the character and the source material will probably be interested in seeing how the upcoming movie portrays both Doctor Fate and the Justice Society of America. The comic book version of Doctor Fate, however, has at least been successfully adapted for the big screen by DC, as this poster shows. When Black Adam arrives in theatres this fall, those who are eager to learn more about the character and Brosnan’s interpretation should make plans to see it.

Source: Dwayne Johnson


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