Netflix Not Renewing Sandman Season 2 Because Fans Got It Wrong?

Neil Gaiman says The Sandman Season 2 will not happen because the show was watched too slowly.

by James Brizuela | published

Fans are clamoring for whether Netflix will work on it the Sandman season 2, but the only problem is that Neil Gaiman has told fans that the series was watched wrong wayLeaving the streaming platform basically barred from going ahead with another season.

Apparently, based on the data collected, Neil Gaiman claimed that fans watched the show too slowly, causing a mess of viewership for Netflix. Typically, when a series is highly popular, it is measured over a 28-day period, and during that period, the numbers are counted in hours watched by viewers. However, those numbers were negatively impacted by those gradually exiting the Sandman,

Neil Gaiman

We don’t blame people for slowing things down the Sandman, because there were a lot of topics to be explored on an episode-by-episode basis. Also, for those who hadn’t read the comics before and all that was happening, we’d imagine that people who watched the show were sometimes confused and had to discuss everything they had just seen. wanted to take a breath. There’s nothing wrong with that, and we think it’s a better compliment that people were taking their time with the series and wanting to understand all the wonderful writing on the show.

Although this slow nature of the beholders the Sandman Maybe for the betterment of their understanding, it appears to mess with the show’s overall audience, which means it might be hard to figure out the initial viewership that Netflix holds so dear.

Take strange things, For example. The show became the #2 most-watched show in Netflix history based on that 28-day period, but that was because people were watching episodes so early in that period. As per Neil Gaiman’s above tweet, everyone took their time the Sandman, so the number of people who watched that show is not counted whether or not it has been removed within that 28-day period. Either way, the online community could go crazy for the series, which could result in Netflix bringing it back, which it seems right now.

the Sandman The show was ranked #1 on Netflix for several weeks, and has favorable ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The series has an 87% critic approval rating with an equally respectable 80% audience approval rating, so it’s not like the numbers aren’t there to support another season being on Netflix. The issue could be that people are tweeting at Neil Gaiman asking him what the delay is for Netflix to do the same.

If enough people beg the Sandman To bring it back to Netflix, then the streaming platform may have to listen to and fast-track a second season. For now, nothing can be done in Gaiman’s favor other than to let people know that it’s his fault for taking his time watching his show too slowly. We’re not sure who’s at fault here, but we’d all definitely love to see Dream and her companions roam the world in their own way of speaking Shakespeare.


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