Netflix is ​​losing its best comedy series

Shit’s Creek is leaving Netflix on October 2.

by Britta DeVore | published

Get ready to break your heart. It turns out that Netflix will officially shut down shits creek Among its available options on October 2. That’s right, everyone’s favorite quirky and eccentric family will be leaving the streaming platform in a matter of weeks.

Life has been tough for lovers of comedies like Netflix shits creek In recent years. like after losing a favorite The Office And parks and Recreation For NBC’s Streaming Service Peacock, We’ve Relied on Shows Like This community, good place, new girland of course shits creek For us to do all this. But, if you were worried that the series would be wiped out of simultaneous streaming, we have some good news for you.

However, there is a catch. Although Netflix will suffer shits creek, Hulu will receive the series produced by award-winning Dan and Eugene Levy. That’s right, as the Kardashian family pulled a swift over on E! when he ended his long-running series keeping up with the KardashiansOnly to emerge stronger than ever via Hulu under new title kardashianThe Canadian series will do the same. Different kardashian Although, shits creek The reboot won’t happen, so don’t get too excited — just take comfort in knowing that with a Hulu subscription, you can continue to see all the wacky hijinks played by the Rose family.

netflix shits creek
Dan Levy as Anne Murphy and David Rose as Alexis Rose shits creek

Before landing on Netflix, shits creek Made its United States debut through Pop TV. Beyond the series revolves around the wealthy Rose family as they fall from grace. When their money-making business, Rose Video, goes bankrupt after their earnings were embezzled by a business manager, the family loses their assets and must move to the titular city they had previously purchased. Without enough money to buy a new home, the family’s father Johnny (Eugene Levy), mother Moira (Katherine O’Hara), and their adult children David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Anne Murphy) are forced to dig themselves out. Huh. From the pit of their despair and debt.

News surrounding the loss of Netflix shits creek Taking off the stage comes with many other titles. The Dreamer’s Original Thriller Series, Hemlock GroveForever is on its way out with the beloved classic, saved by the Bell, which was only available to viewers during the previous year. Meanwhile, fans of David Fincher’s classic crime thriller Seven Better hurry up and solve the mystery of what’s in the box before departing the platform, and watch the anthology series, fargoWhile they are at it before taking their final bow in October.

But, we are also here to tell you that all hope is not lost! Although Netflix is ​​saying goodbye shits creek, saved by the Bell, Sevenand some of the many other highly talked about titles are very welcome addition Coming to the streamer in October. Drama true-crime project from Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne the good nurse More for the Rush Hour franchise Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3There’s definitely something you love to hit up the streamer that will help you deal with the loss of one of the best sitcoms in recent years.


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