Ms. Marvel Power Bangle Two Shocking Connections Revealed

The Disney+ channel’s Ms. Marvel just revealed two significant connections to the power bangle of Kamala Khan and raises more questions about her family’s history.

On the spur of the moment Off the cuff, Ms. Marvel from Disney+. Marvel left viewers with some major questions about Kamala Khan’s ancestry. It wasn’t that she was an Inhuman that went through Terrigenisis, as the comics depict; rather, Kamala got powered up when she wore her ancestral bangle during Avenger Con. The bangle left people wondering whether the bracelet was a mystical relic or perhaps an object from the cosmic realm that was linked with one of the Eternals.

The journey is uncertain, with no one -except for Bruno, the younger Iron Man, Bruno available to assist Kamala to discover the truth. It’s good to see that progress has been made in the second episode. Two important connections were exposed in the power bangle however, they left Kamala’s future open to interpretation more than ever before.

Ms. Marvel Power Bangle

The first time they met was in the time Kamala was sitting at the dinner table, listening to her father, Yusuf, tell Tyesha about his wife’s parents at the time of the Partition in India during the 1940s. Evidently, when Muneeba’s mom, Sana, left via train to Karachi with their parents became separated. Sana, who was a young girl Sana went off on her own and was later taken back to the train via the trail of stars. But, as her father was able to bring her back she was lost, and so did her mother of her, Aisha.

Aisha received a negative reputation with the Muslim group, particularly with Muneeba who thinks she is an apostate. As the conversation took place and Muneeba was excused, Kamala got a vision of a woman who was mysteriously looking for assistance. She fell unconscious, but thankfully the family was able to bring her. The spell of fainting began at the time Yusuf spoke of Aisha. The heirloom of Kamala’s wrist was activated, indicating that it was connected to Aisha and that her soul could be in it. This could mean that she was stuck in the bangle and her final action was to lead Sana towards the station and then leave Kamala with the trinket, which was later handed down to Muneeba and then, Kamala.

Ms. Marvel Power Bangle

The other major connection took place at the moment that Kamala dressed in her costume and attempted to catch a child who fell off the Masjid during Eid in the closing ceremony. Lucky for her, she was able to use her energy-based constructs to help bring the kid back to the dome, however, the keepsake started to activate yet again, with the woman manifesting again. Kamala’s focus was broken and the child almost died, but luckily she was able to save him. Kamala was able to save him. Department of Damage Control came after Kamala but only to allow her to escape from Kamran’s vehicle.

Kamran is the newest student at school, whom Kamala loved however, he later admitted to having an affair that he had his own. Kamran’s mother was in the back seat — and it was confirmed that she was the girl Kamala was with! The actress is now on this show’s script as Najma and those who thought she was Aisha are able to remove that from the list. However, this leaves viewers in doubt as to whether she’s an enemy or a friend. In the comics, Kamran turned out to be a villain, who attempted to sell Kamala away to a tyrant known as Lineage. In this instance, he might be playing the role of a potential soulmate, to give his power to Najma.

A while ago, Bruno said the bangle has brought out the power of Kamala which means she may remain Inhuman. This led to some new speculations, with some believing that Aisha could be Inhuman or might have become lost within the world that Kamala was able to see when she set the bracelet in. This suggests that she’s in contact with her descendant in order to rescue her.

 If Aisha had actually passed on the power and abilities, she could attempt to stop people like Najma from taking advantage of her family. The truth is that everything’s shrouded secret after just two episodes. That’s because the time Kamala talked to Sana her grandmother, she was unaware of Aisha passing on her abilities. So, Kamala needs to be cautious with who she is able to trust as it appears that nearly everyone she meets is keeping something secret. It could alter what she’s supposed to be.

Ms. Marvel premieres new episodes each Tuesday every Wednesday on Disney +.


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