Mark Hamill is in Star Wars: Ahsoka

Mark Hamill will appear in the Disney+ series Ahsoka.

by Nathan Kamal | published

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill to appear in upcoming Disney+ show Feeling With series star Rosario Dawson. According to our reliable and proven sources, Mark Hamill will return for the new live-action adventures of Ahsoka Tano in the Star Wars universe, possibly returning once again in the role of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. it will make Feeling The third Star Wars reveal he will appear on since the launch of the Disney+ streaming platform.

It’s safe to assume that Mark Hamill will have a return to the Star Wars universe. Feeling Viewers have already seen the look of a digitally older version of Luke Skywalker Mandalorian And Boba Fett. book of, His first appearance in the second season finale of Mandalorian The return of the Jedi to save the title character, Baby Yoda (okay, Grogu), was a highly veiled mystery with the appearance after Luke Skywalker’s return, and his companions were a shock to many viewers. As fans were excited to see a young, non-annoying Luke Skywalker, the digital effects used to make Mark Hamill look thirty-something were widely criticized, with many viewers feeling that it Dangerously submerged in the supernatural canyon.

Luke Skywalker Ashoka

However, until Mark Hamill appeared in Boba Fett. book of As with Ahsoka himself, digital de-aging had improved significantly, or perhaps Star Wars fans had softened a bit (which is likely a little underwhelming). Despite some fan-casting of Marvel Cinematic Universe star Sebastian Stan (soon to appear) from lightning Movie) to play the young Luke Skywalker, it is only fitting that Mark Hamill appear as the Jedi Master for as long as he feels like it. Expectedly, Mark Hamill’s Third Appearance as Young Luke Skywalker Feeling There will be another move in technology, and everyone appreciates what an era of digital miracles we live in.

It is currently not known how many episodes Mark Hamill will appear in, or when he may actually (hopefully) appear to assist Ahsoka. In addition to Mark Hamill and Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo will appear as the live-action version of Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren and Iman Esfandi as Jedi apprentice Ezra Bridger, both of whom appeared in the animated series for the first time. Star Wars Rebels, Feeling Hayden will also feature Christensen’s return as Anakin Skywalker (and/or Darth Vader), continuing his prequel-redemption tour he started in Obi-Wan Kenobic Chain.

It looks like Mark Hamill is more and more likely to continue his legacy in the Star Wars universe, which means we’ll be getting more appearances from him than expected. Feeling, Given that most of the Star Wars Disney+ series took place in the intervening time period return of jedic And The Force AwakensIt’s a mostly unknown, mostly sad history for them to fill in. We definitely can’t wait for it.


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