Is Johnny Depp Dating One of His Lawyers?

It is being told that Johnny Depp is dating his former UK lawyer Joel Rich.

by Nathan Kamal | published

Johnny Depp has been flying under the radar (comparatively) lately, but new reports that he’s dating a layer of his may change that. To us weeklyThe former (and probably future) Pirates of the Caribbean star is currently dating Joel Rich, a British lawyer who was part of the team that represented Johnny Depp in a 2018 defamation case against newsgroup newspapers, publishers of tabloid The Sun. during the trial. While neither Johnny Depp nor Joel Rich have publicly commented on whether or not they are in a relationship, the romantic adventures of the former (probably not the future) Fantastic Beasts star has been a staple of celebrity news for decades. .

Johnny Depp

It’s worth noting that Joel Rich did not represent Johnny Depp in Virginia during the well-publicized and controversial case in which both the actor and his ex-husband Amber Heard sued for defamation. However, Joel Rich appeared several times as a support to Johnny Depp during the trial, and at one point posed a photo with him. The trial ultimately ended largely in Depp’s favor, with Heard found guilty on all three counts brought against him and Depp found guilty on one.

aquaman Starr was ordered by a jury to pay $15 million in various damages (out of the requested $50 million), which was immediately reduced to $10.35 million in accordance with Virginia law, while Johnny Depp was paid $2 million in damages. (out of the requested $100 million) Amber Heard’s legal team immediately announced plans to appeal the decision, although they have been met with significant setbacks and requirements. For his part, Johnny Depp has seen his public image rise substantially and recently unveiled his first public art show, which sold out in record time.

Us Weekly also notes that Joel Rich was married at the time she met Johnny Depp (and has two children), but has since filed for divorce from her husband. Johnny Depp lost the defamation case in which Joel Rich and others defended him, after a British judge ruled that Amber Heard’s spousal abuse claims (which were printed by The Sun, hence the suit) were “substantially were true.” At the time, Joel Rich questioned the decision in the press, stating that Depp would be stating his claims in the United States, as he has now.

Since then, it is unclear where Johnny Depp’s film career will go from here. Although at one time it looked like he would never act again, he would soon play the French king Louis XV in filmmaker Maven’s film. Jean DuBarry, While Johnny Depp has previously had extremely fruitful collaborations with both Warner Bros. (now Warner Bros. Discovery) and Disney, it may be the case that he has shied away from working with major studios, at least for the time being. For now, it seems, Johnny Depp can just be content to star in a few small-scale movies and work on his love life, while the public eye isn’t as focused on him.


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