Hugh Jackman’s lowest-rated horror movie is tearing up the streaming charts

Hugh Jackman’s 2004 film Van Helsing is in the top ten on Hulu.

by Vic Medina | published

A 2004 Hugh Jackman horror film made the top ten HuluHitting #8 this week. Van Helsing The PG-13 monster-hunting thriller from director Stephen Sommers is behind the 1999 reboot of The Mummy with Brendan Fraser. The film features the classic character from the classic 1897 novel Dracula and takes him on an adventure across Europe as he hunts various monsters until his way with a beautiful vampire killer (Kate Beckinsale) from the Counts. Dracula and his use does not cross over to stop the plot. Dr. Frankenstein’s research for villainous purposes.

Hugh Jackman

The film stars Frankenstein, Dracula (and his bride), Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and a werewolf. Somers is a self-proclaimed fan of Universal Monsters, and he fills the film with them from start to finish. It ends both positively and negatively, but one thing is for sure, the movie never gets boring, as Hugh Jackman finds inventive ways to fight the creatures.

Van Helsing Hugh Jackman has turned into an impressive leading man, with a solid cast. It is not a particularly faithful portrayal of the literary Van Helsing, as he is more of a mix of Indiana Jones from The Mummy and Rick O’Connell from Brendan Fraser. Fresh off his star-making role as Wolverine, Jackman was one of the biggest stars in the world at the time, and he didn’t disappoint.

Kate Beckinsale as the monster hunter Anna Valerius is absolutely stunning, and even though it’s very similar to her character of Selene in the role Hades movies, she takes a very different look at it with Hugh Jackman. Beckinsale was reportedly unhappy making the film, however, as she had to wear an uncomfortable corset the entire time. When filming was over, she wanted to burn them all, she later recalled.

The film also stars Richard Roxburgh (Crown) as Dracula, and unfortunately, he’s a bit over-the-top in the role. David Wenham (300) appears as Carl, Hugh Jackman’s sidekick with a lot of pinches and one-liners for his own good. Kevin J. O’Connor, who has been a frequent collaborator with Stephen Somers, appears as Igor, and although he’s quite good under heavy makeup, the poor script doesn’t give him much to work with.

The film has its flaws, as was quickly pointed out by most critics. Like many of Somers’ other films, there is a heavy reliance on CGI effects. Many shots look bad by today’s standards; In fact, they weren’t even particularly good for 2004. The humor is sometimes almost moanable—instead of being playful and verbose, the jokes often ruin some good moments for Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman

The film scored a very low score of 24% rotten TomatoesCritics rebuked it for its silliness, poor writing, and poor special effects. Hugh Jackman received solid marks from critics, though they state that his character was more of style over substance, relying on his charisma to deliver the role. Rotten Tomatoes audiences rated it at 57%, finding it entertaining, but too messy to actually make it a classic.

Nevertheless, the film did extremely well at the box office, grossing over $300 million worldwide, according to box office mojo, Of this, over $120 million was in the United States alone, as audiences were increasingly interested in seeing Hugh Jackman, who had already achieved superstardom as Wolverine. X Men movies.


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