How he got lean and mean from Hollywood’s fat guy

By the time he was 10 years old, Ethan Supley had tipped the scales at over 200 pounds.

by Rick Gonzales

In the world of television and movies with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon in front of us all the time it can be easy to get attached to the way an actor looks and creates a mental image. But sometimes those people go through radical changes. We are talking about actor Ethan Supley and how different he is now.

We are talking about their ultimate dedication towards gaining weight, losing weight, gaining again, then loss and staying fit.

Ethan Supley Lost Nearly 300 Pounds

After hitting about 550 pounds, Mr Supley now carries himself around 255 pounds. This is an unrealistic change, brought about by hard work and dedication, although it has not always been a steady downward trend.

The good news is that the former My Name Is Earl, Rising Hope, Santa Clarita DietAnd the ranch Star Ethan Supley has kept all that weight off in the long run. Not an easy task for many of us who have tried and failed, but impressive nonetheless. The even better news is that after two or so years of inactivity (big or small screen) Mr. Suply is back at it.

2022 will see Mr. Suply back in front of the camera when he co-starred with Britta, Lana 5, and Zuzza in the drama alongside Channing Tatum, dog, As you might suspect, Britta, Lana 5, and Zuza were all “German Shepherds” that were used in the film, although they were actually Belgian Malinois, Britta was the main star as she was used in 80% of the filming.

with dogHe voices as Bobby in the video game mine, He also has a few movies on the horizon. the first is psychodrome That he co-stars with Odessa Young, Adrien Brody and Jesse Eisenberg. He will then appear in the film written and directed by Nick Cassavetes. god is a bullet, But this is the third film that many are talking about the most.

Ethan Supley had to go a long way to lose weight

Supli credits his now wife for the inspiration. During his PEOPLE interview, he revealed that he was dating Brandi Lewis (sister of actress Juliette Lewis) and that he knew children were in the plans when they got married and that trips to Paris or even Paris at the time were in place. That it was hard for him to go hiking.

So, it was time to get serious and make a weight loss stick. “I knew that if I didn’t change, I wouldn’t have that future,” he says. “That was the inspiration that kept me on it.”

In a span of three years, Ethan Supley fell from 530 pounds to about 290 pounds, but he couldn’t keep it off. He got lazy and gained weight during his my name is earl years but lost it again when the show ended.

“I went down to 220lbs. And stayed there a little bit, but I got there for like eight hours of cardio a day, six days a week,” he explained People, “I was on a very high starvation diet and was not eating at all. So I put on weight again. ,

He tried many things including keto with a 10% body fat goal. “I was getting smaller, but I wasn’t starting to show muscle definition the way I wanted it to show,” he says. Instead, research-driven Ethan Supley read up on fat cells and muscle retention, and decided he wanted to get to the point where he only has 10 percent body fat.

Now he thinks he’s found the one that works. It’s a lean, high-protein diet with limited fat, similar to what you see bodybuilders eat. And, it works.

Ethan Supley is closer to his 10% goal, although he tried to make his diet as “naive” as possible. “I’m trying partly because I’m a bit masochistic, but also because I don’t want food to be an emotional crutch. I want it to be a source of fuel.”

But then he adds, “I’ve actually been eating more food than I’ve been eating for years. We went on vacation for Thanksgiving and I was really scared I might gain weight. But I didn’t gain weight.” Because I’m really eating what I should be eating. It doesn’t feel delicate.”

To help others on their weight loss journey, Ethan Supley has created american gluten podcast. In this, he has re-shared his journey from Fat to Skinny to Fat and Skinny. He talks about what works and how to stick with the plan. He also brings in several guests who share their thoughts on how to lose weight and keep it off.

Ethan Supley
Ethan Supley at Santa Clarita Diet

Oh yes, he continues to work non-stop in Hollywood. His latest ventures include Chance, Santa Clarita Diet, The RanchoAnd good girls, He recently featured in a feature film. was also seen in motherless brooklynwhere he was reunited with his American history X co-star Edward Norton.

Ethan Supley’s journey is one of perseverance and desire. It also helps that he is a solid actor.

ETHAN SUPLEE 10-YEARS-OLD . was over 200 pounds

Boy Meets World

By the time he was 10 years old, Ethan Supley had tipped the scales at over 200 pounds. The actor says it was when his father put him on a liquid diet of protein shakes and diet sodas. He was able to drop a few pounds but his mother didn’t care about the diet so she pulled it off. His weight kept on increasing in the coming years.

His acting career started at the age of 18 in projects like tales from the crypt (his first role), mallrats (in which he starred with her) my name is earl co-star Jason Lee), chasing amy, 35 miles from normalAnd 11th hour, These roles came while he was also starring as Frankie “The Enforcer” Staccino in the TV series boy meets world,

Ethan Supley
Ethan Supley on Boy Meets World

While “noticeable” in all of his roles (primarily for his size), he was actually seen as an actor in the film. American history X, As Seth Ryan, Supley finds the role of a violent white supremacist a daunting task. But it was a role that earned him recognition for more than just his periphery.

Ethan Suppley Stars in Remembering the Titans

Ethan Supley

The role of Ethan Supley in American history X Opened doors for other films. He followed X dante’s scene, takedown, road trip, And Impolite, a rough film in which he appeared as a man who raped a clown. This inspired Supley to land another famous role in the film as the overly overweight football player Louis Lastick. remember the Titans,

Not only did Supali gain weight during that time, but the actor also says that he was probably at his heaviest, a strong 530 pounds. During the shooting of the film. Regarding her weight during that time, Supley estimated that she “gained and lost about 1,000 pounds. This time.” It was all caused by overeating in a big way, then by overeating, which led to her regaining all that weight.

butterfly fat
Ethan Supley X in American History

The roles he explored were roles where he expected the focus would not be on his weight, but eventually, he ended up in “roles for fat kids.” he explained People“I never wanted to do something where I was a fat man who was the butt of a fat man joke,” he says.

“I told my agents to find roles outside the box that could work for me. There were instances where someone would want to add a line about me being fat and I would just say, ‘Hey, no, we’re not doing that.'”

my name is ethan superstars early

Ethan Supley on My Name Is Early

Ethan Supley’s acting career was not affected. He kept getting the part. Whether it was based on his size or his acting ability, who knows for sure. Although he can act.

In the early 2000s, Supali found himself in several feature films. He played Tuna, Johnny Depp’s friend and drug-dealing partner blow, was also seen in John Q, The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest, The Butterfly Effect, Without a PedalAnd neo nedo, During this time, he also starred in TV series such as third clock And circle,

Ethan Supley as Randy
Ethan Supley as Randy on My Name Is Early

However, in 2005, Ethan Supley got one of the roles for which he is perhaps best known. He was the brother of Randy Hickey, Earl, on the hit TV series my name is earl, It was a notable comedic turn by Suply in a series where he was reunited with Jason Lee.

Ethan Supple may return to the Malrats

one moment mallrats The film has been talked about for a while now and it appears that Kevin Smith is finally going to turn it around. Although the first film barely made over $2 million at the box office and was briefly laughed at, once it hit video stores (yes, they still had some in 1995), the film became a major cult classic. Became.

Obviously, Kevin Smith had his reasons for waiting so long to follow-up (he had a feud with Mallrats star Ben Affleck) but the two reconciled after not speaking for more than a decade. took.

Now, it looks like Smith has feuded with all the stars of the first film, and twilight of mallrats seems to go. With Mr Supley returning as William, Claire Forlani, Kevin Smith himself, Jason Lee, Jason Maywes, Joey Lauren Adams, Jeremy London and Renee Humphrey will also return.

It is strongly rumored that Shannen Doherty will return as well. Ben Affleck will be back too, but with one condition – he wants more than just a cameo. As he told Smith, “Better to have a more than one scene cameo, man. Put me in a lot.”

So, along with increasing his work quotient, Mr. Supali continues with his amazing body transformation. He has been working out consistently to maintain his form and continues with his high-protein, moderate-carb, low-fat eating plan. This plan allows Mr. Supali to enjoy rice, potatoes and pasta. Nice to see that his hard work is paying off and we will see more of him in the near future.


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