House of the Dragon spent months on a sex scene

House of the Dragon star Fabian Frankel says it took seven months to prepare for his sex scene with Millie Alcock.

by Matthew Creth | published

For fans of HBO and new game of Thrones prequel, dragon house, it is widely understood that the series depicts nudity and sex in a graphic light to advance the story between different houses and antagonists. known to push the envelope at every turn, which is a lot game of Thrones Tried starting in 2011, the show is full of stellar performances from well-known actors, especially those who have participated in other critically acclaimed television shows like Crown And Bates Motel, Now, it appears that on a specific sex scene dragon house It took months for actors Fabian Frankel and Millie Alcock to coordinate, especially the sequence where Frankel’s character removes his armor in a realistic way not seen before in the franchise.

according to a report of Entertainment WeeklyFabian Frankel, 28, has confirmed that his intimate sex scene with 22-year-old Millie Alcock dragon house It took seven months to prepare, especially because Frankel focused on trying to make the characters have more believable sex than usual. game of Thrones sight. He told his scene partner and director Claire Kilner that he wanted to “make this human”, and discussed the scene for months before he blocked it. Frankl was clearly concerned with the lack of reality in sex scenes from major Hollywood studios, mainly because these types of scenes always featured two people sweating unnecessarily, while still looking pretty during an act that didn’t work. Often anything happens.

dragon house
Millie Alcock and Fabian Frankel dragon house

The sex scene between Fabian Frankel and Millie Alcock happened in the fourth episode of the first season dragon house Titled “King of the Narrow Sea.” Prior to his role as Ser Kristen Cole in the hit HBO television series, Frankel was mostly known to UK audiences for his stage performances in the drama. Knowledge in London’s West End, as well as a small role game of Thrones star emilia clarke, crazy rich asian Actors Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh in a romantic comedy directed by Paul Feig last Christmas, Millie Alcock portrays the young Rainera Targaryen dragon house After starring in various television series in his native Australia including the famous show Honest And Calculation,

Since its debut on HBO last month, dragon house It has been a showcase for actors who are trying to capture a bit of magic that game of Thrones Once it ran for eight seasons on the network, eventually becoming one of the most-watched series in cable network history. Based on the novel George RR Martin fire and blood, dragon house It takes place nearly 200 years before the events of its predecessor televised and focuses largely on the downfall of the famous House Targaryen. dragon house Stars of crown Matt Smith, Fabian Frankel, Millie Alcock, in america Actor Paddy Considine, ready player one star Olivia Cooke, and Notting Hill Rice Ifans favorite place.


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