Henry Cavill In Black Adam Post-Credit Scene

Black Adam has been highly promoted and is one of the most anticipated upcoming films in DCEU. The film is said to be trying to position Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam/Teth Adam as the central figure in Warner Bros shared universe of comic book adaptions. However, it still has to overcome Superman. It is therefore very interesting to learn that trusted sources have informed us that the Last Son of Krypton will appear in a post-credit scene for Black Adam. However, it won’t necessarily be Henry Cavill.

Our reports claim that Warner Bros has added a scene after credits to the film, which will feature Superman himself. Warner Bros isn’t too happy with Henry Cavill, so the scene will not feature the British actor portraying the Kryptonian superman. According to Viola Davis, the scene will be between Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), and Superman. In it, she tells Superman all about Black Adam’s presence. His face will remain hidden throughout the scene. This allows Warner Bros to use a non-Henry Cavill actor to play Superman.

Since 2013’s Man of Steel (which is a longer film run than Christopher Reeve’s version of the character), Henry Cavill has played Clark Kent in DCEU. It seems that things are not going well between Henry Cavill, Warner Bros, and Clark Kent. There has been no announcement of a Superman movie appearance since the HBO Max releases of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2020. According to reports, Henry Cavill will make one last contract appearance as Superman, but it is possible that he could be purchased outright or that archival footage can be used, or that some legal wrangling can be done.

As we reported previously, the Flash movie will also feature Superman. However, it will be a younger version of the character than Henry Cavill. Warner Bros seems eager to move on from the Zack Snyder-era DCEU. Ben Affleck will apparently be ending his role as Batman in The Flash (though an offer is being considered), Ezra Miller’s future with Flash is uncertain and there has been no word on a third Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot for some time. It’s not surprising that Henry Cavill could also be on the way out.

Henry Cavill is doing fine and doesn’t need to be Superman. He is currently to lead an immense cast in Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming spy thriller Argylle. He will also reprise his role in Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2 as the most-jacked Sherlock Holmes. He is also set to return as Sherlock Holmes in the third season of his Netflix fantasy series The Witcher.


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