Heather Locklear: Isn’t She Unrecognizable Now?

Heather Locklear is unrecognizable in the most recent photos of the former star actress.

by Rick Gonzales | published

Heather Locklear has been a part of many high-profile TV series such as dynasty And Melrose PlaceFilm fire starter (getting a remake) and a good person But she may be better known for her high-profile marriages to Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora. Her acting career has slowed down in recent years and there is some possibility that she looks a lot different than she used to during her days of stardom.

Heather Locklear Looks Totally Different Now

Fans were surprised recently when a photo of Heather Locklear leaving a local store made its way to the Internet. Locklear, 61, was carrying her dog and didn’t really look at all like the actress that came out in the 1980s and 1990s.

It had fans questioning the health of the actress that she really wouldn’t have known had she been without some real coaching. There have been allegations for Locklear in the past regarding some of her off-camera behavior and are on record as working towards sobriety.

heather locklear appeared on the chips and eight is enough

Heather Locklear Young

A blazer fired from Heather Locklear UCLA guns. She knew that becoming an actress was her future, so she presented it in the early 80s with small roles in TV series such as Chips, 240—RobertAnd eight is enough, Locklear was also part of two films made for television, The Beverly Hillbillies Return And rockerBefore she met the man who would make her career.

Aaron Spelling casts him on Dynasty


Even though her resume wasn’t initially impressive, Heather Locklear caught the eye of mega-producer Aaron Spelling. He liked what he saw so he invited her to appear in the long-running hit series dynasty During the second season of the show.

At first, her role was recurring as Sammy Joe, the conniving niece of Crystal Carrington (Linda Evans). Her character was well-liked for her demeanor. Greed is her driving force as she beds Blake’s (John Forsythe’s) gay son, Steven, which results in her pregnancy and claims some of Carrington’s money.

dynasty Only Aaron Spelling Production Heather Locklear was not involved. during the first few years dynastyShe also appeared in the long-running William Shatner-led series TJ hooker, She appeared as a series regular in almost every episode and was upgraded to a series regular when the series ended after five seasons. dynasty,

Heather Locklear will return to her dynasty Rooted once again on TV mini-series, Dynasty: ReunionA two-parter from 1991 that cleared cliffhangers when the series ended in 1989.

Heather Locklear Lands at Melrose Place

Melrose Place

Heather Locklear’s old relationship with producer Spelling continued after both dynasty And TJ hooker Finished. In 1993, Locklear played her most famous role as Amanda Woodward in another of Spelling’s long-running dramas. hit series, Melrose Place,

Melrose Place It ran for seven seasons and was the epitome of a nighttime soap opera, full of sex, backstabbing, and scholarly storytelling. Locklear’s appearance was the first ratings booster that was accomplished, but her character was so disliked that she was cast as a series regular, although her billing was always that of a “special guest star”.

his time Melrose Place Locklear was marked by receiving four consecutive Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress – Television Series Drama.

During her association with Spelling, Heather Locklear has appeared in a total of eight Spelling-produced projects. Dynasty, TJ Hooker, Matt Houston, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Hotel, Melrose Placeand even a TV movie titled rich men, single women,

Heather Locklear worked with Charlie Sheen on Spin City and Two and a Half Men


Heather Locklear’s wheelhouse wasn’t the only nighttime soap opera. He was also passionate about comedy and did well on some notable TV sitcoms. going places It was his first foray into the TV sitcom landscape, but that series lasted for one season.

as Melrose Place Took up most of her time, Locklear would not try her hand at sitcoms again until 1999 when she played Michael J. Fox did not join the series. spin city, She played with Fox until she left the series for medical reasons, then she played counter to Charlie Sheen, who took over for Fox. Her role won her two more Golden Globe nominations, this time for Best Actress in a Television Series – Comedy.

With Comedy His New Calling, Heather Locklear Joins the Sitcom scrubs on a recurring role. she also appeared two and a Half Men, rules of EngagementAnd hot in cleveland,

she returned to melrose place


Heather Locklear will return to the world Melrose Place one more time. The new series was meant to introduce a younger generation of stars and Locklear was there to mentor them.

Unfortunately for those involved, which included original series regulars such as Locklear, Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett, Laura Leighton and Daphne Zuniga, fans did not accept the new generation, and the CW series was canceled after one season. was.

heather locklear was in the return of the swampy thing

Heather Locklear Swamp Cheese

With all her success on the small screen, it was only a matter of time before Heather Locklear let feature films go as well. Her first role was a small role as Drew Barrymore’s mother in the 1984 film Stephen King. fire starter, Locklear wouldn’t hit the feature film circuit again until the 1989 campy film, The Return of Swamp Thing,

Throughout her career, however, with whatever notoriety she was achieving on TV, Locklear continued to stifle her fortunes on features to some degree of success. He was seen in movies like The Big Slice, Wayne’s World 2, Money Talks, Double Tap, Uptown GirlsAnd game of life, Nothing mind-blowing, but Locklear showed an ability to handle the features.

She was married to Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora

As with everything Heather Locklear had going for her on the small screen, and to a lesser extent on the big screen, she’s probably more famous for her off-screen antics. By that we mean his two high-profile marriages.

His first Motley Fool Crew drummer was tommy leeA marriage that lasted seven years, ended in 1993. It was stormy from the start and Locklear clearly hasn’t learned his lesson, as his next relationship reveals.

Shortly after Locklear and Lee’s marriage dissolved, she began dating Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora. The couple moved fast and tied the knot in December 1994. This went on for almost 13 years before the two called it quits in 2007. During their marriage, Locklear had their only child, Ava, in 1997.

Heather Locklear struggled with sobriety, anxiety and depression


Heather Locklear’s personal life has also been surrounded by difficulties. In 2008, 9-1-1 was called to Locklear’s residence for fear that he had attempted suicide. When emergency responders arrived, Locklear was fine, although he reported that it looked like the call was genuine.

Later that year, Locklear checked himself into a medical facility in Arizona. anxiety and depression,

After spending four weeks at the facility, Locklear found himself in more trouble when he was arrested for driving under the influence. She requested a no-contest and the DUI charges were dropped.

2012 saw Locklear once again in the hospital for a possible suicide attempt, although her parents at the time claimed differently,

2018 hasn’t been a good year for Locklear. In the beginning, he was arrested domestic violence Battery on her lover and also against a police officer. When the sheriff’s representative arrived at his home, he kicked three of them as well as threatened to shoot them if they ever came to his house again.

Later that summer, Locklear was arrested once again, this time on two counts of battery against first responders. When they arrived with a call that Locklear was overdosing, he greeted them with a kick.

She returned to acting afresh by boat and was much closer to home.

fresh off the boat

Since her last run-in with the law, first responders, and as such, Heather Locklear has led a quiet life. Following her 2017 roles on the sitcom fresh off the boat and series very close to homeIt looked like Locklear’s legal trouble was keeping him off work.

She returned to professional acting in 2021 with the release of the Lifetime TV film Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Christine Carlson Story, The biopic cast Locklear in the title role of a woman trying to recover after the death of her husband and raise two children alone.

Heather Locklear is cool and engaged to Chris Hesser

Heather Locklear is on a roll. After several years away from the cameras, she returned last year for her first starring role in the 2021 Lifetime biopic, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Christine Carlson Story, While Locklear isn’t ready to go in front of the cameras in the coming months, she is happy, clean, calm and finally with the man who makes her life complete.

Not so long ago, things weren’t looking good for Locklear. She was involved in two separate incidents, which included domestic violence, battery of misdemeanor, officer obstructing, battery against an EMT and battery against officers. It was the lowest point in a long series of personal low points for the actress.

Because of these alcohol incidents, Locklear was sentenced to 120 days in prison. However, if Locklear chooses to enter a rehab facility and complete a 30-day residential treatment program, he will receive a stay.

Locklear entered the program and while there, also shared a photo of a painting and an inspirational message from his time at the facility.

Thankfully, rehab and sobriety were finally gaining ground on Locklear and his life. It’s been almost three years since Locklear has been on Clean and Calm and the positive impact it has had on her life is amazing. She will be the first to admit that her unhealthy lifestyle didn’t make it any easier for her fiancé Chris Hesser.

It was a bumpy relationship that saw Hesser in and out of her life, while Locklear continued to battle his demons. But Heiser’s persistence paid off as he proposed to Locklear while they were celebrating their first year of sobriety.

What makes their story even better is that Hesser was Locklear’s high school boyfriend. The two graduated from Newbury Park High School in Los Angeles in 1979.

Regardless of whether the couple actually decides to tie the knot or just get engaged, Locklear remains satisfied. “I’m like, ‘You’re my man for the rest of my life, whether we get married or not,'” she says. People, ,[A wedding] not so important. We are together, and we love and support each other. And that’s really what matters.”

And now that Locklear turns 60 (soon to be 61) and remains sober, she has a fresh perspective on her life and it’s refreshing. “I always like to be old because it means I’m alive,” she says. “I’m so grateful. I don’t really give a hoot. I don’t give a hoot about how I look. My parents still love me. My daughter loves me.” And without a doubt, Chris Hesser loves her.


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