Gran Turismo: Stranger Things star David Harbor set to star in film

The well-known and beloved franchise for many years Grand Touring gets a film adaptation and takes the lead role of David Harbor, star of Stranger Things. You can find out exactly what it is and when you can see the movie “Gran Turismo” in the cinema ici!

Wear as a racer in Gran Turismo

The actor known as Jim Hopper from ‘Stranger Things’. David Harbour According to a Deadline report, the The main role star in the film adaptation of the famous racing game “Gran Turismo”. He will probably play the role of a professional racer Hatch.

Hopper stranger things season 4

What is the film about? Filming of the racing game is supposed to be on a true story based. It’s about a teenage Gran Turismo player who uses his in-game skills to win a series of Nissan competitions.

In this wish fulfillment story the game motivates the youngster to get behind the wheel in real life and ultimately professional racer become.

The film remains entirely in the hands of the creators of the “Gran Turismo” games: The L’inventeur du jeu Kazunori Yamauchi and screenwriter Jason Hall are executive producing the film, while Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan, Doug Belgrade and Dana Brunetti of Productions PlayStation act as producers.

takes the place of the director Neill Blomkamp one, which was also used in movies like district 9 et Elysium directed.

But how much space the game itself gets in the film and how the story is built around “Gran Turismo” remains to be seen.

Not much else is known about the film or the crew. In fact, the release date is already here: from August 11, 2023 If the film adaptation of “Gran Turismo” must be seen in the cinema, at least that is the plan of SonyImages.

What do you think of a film adaptation of Gran Turismo? Let’s do it in the comments to know!


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