Fabelmans star Gabriel LaBelle shares his experience playing Steven Spielberg

Gabriel LaBelle has a monumental task ahead as the up-and-coming talent is set to play a fictionalized version of the acclaimed director Steven Spielberg in Les Fabelman. The film is loosely based on Spielberg’s childhood, as we follow Sammy Fabelman growing up in post-WWII Arizona from the age of seven to eighteen. Meanwhile, Sammy uncovers a heartbreaking family secret and explores how the power of movies helps us see the truth about each other and ourselves.

AP News’ Jake Coyle sat down with LaBelle, whose most notable credits to date include The Predator (2018), Dead cabin set New cherry flavor. The young actor talked about his role in Les Fabelman and her relationship with Spielberg on set. During the interview, LaBelle said the filmmaker often let him interpret the character however he wanted, which gave him a sense of freedom in the role.

“Our main focus was the film. Yes, I could go talk to him and talk about his life, but I could tell he wasn’t going to unload everything on us. We had to ask. We had to go on stage. per scene. It was really about knowing what the purpose of each moment was. How did you feel? What are you expecting from me ? Sometimes he would tell me and sometimes he didn’t want me to know and he just wanted me to do what I thought Sammy should do.

The first opinions on Les Fabelman started pouring in after the exclusive premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film currently holds a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 23 reviews, positioning itself as one of Steven Spielberg’s finest works. Les Fabelman hits theaters on November 11, later this year.

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LaBelle says her own anxiety sometimes mirrored Sammy’s

It’s always great for an actor to relate to their character counterpart, and LaBelle admits he did it with Les Fabelman and Sami. During his AP interview, the actor said he was beyond nervous as he re-enacted 15-year-old Spielberg’s experience when he first met director John Ford. Ford is played by David Lynch, with LaBelle telling Lynch, “I was scared. »

“I mean, he’s a great guy. But before that, Sammy is nervous, so I get nervous. He enters the room and Steven approaches. This is David Lynch and Steven Spielberg speaking. My cover wasn’t going to be until later, so I wait and wait to do this scene. It really helped me get nervous meeting him.

LaBelle’s most recent work includes an American gigolo Showtime series starring Jon Bernthal based on the 1980 film. The series released its first episode on September 9, with the next seven episodes set to air every Friday. Les Fabelman will be Spielberg’s final directing effort following his work on West Side Story, which received seven Oscar nominations and one win. Be sure to check Les Fabelman when the film hits theaters on November 11.


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