Emma Stone Isn’t On Instagram Or Twitter For The Right Reason

Emma Stone gave up on social media after her Twitter account was hacked nearly a decade ago.

by Michelle Martin | published

You can find Emma Stone throughout the cinema. You can find her in the claustrophobic backstage drama birdmanYou can find her dancing and singing in the musical romantic drama La la Landand you can find him thriving after the apocalypse of Zombieland movies. But there are some places where you can’t find Emma Stone: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

That’s right: Emma Stone is nowhere on social media, though we don’t blame you if you were fooled. is there any number of fake Emma Stone social media profile, but look closely and you’ll see a letter or two seem out of place. Not to mention the absence of the all-important blue checkmark.

Emma Stone’s Twitter Was Hacked

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Now deleted Emma Stone tweet

So why can’t you find Emma Stone on Instagram, Twitter or any other social media sites? Well, have you ever had a really bad experience on Facebook or such a site or app, and immediately turned off social media forever? But then maybe a few months later, a few weeks later, or even earlier, you were lured back? So, imagine – but without the second part.

Stone used to be on social media, though apparently she didn’t do much with it. The actress had a Twitter account in 2013, for example, when she was filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 With her then boyfriend Andrew Garfield. His account garnered a lot of attention when he tweeted (via) March 2013 e online) which at first seemed vague: “Navdar nad islasne tsitgi ni a ert.”

A tweet like “cowpafe” soon turned out to be Stone’s cat sitting at her keyboard or something along those lines. The gibberish is believed to have been an anagram translated as “Andrew and Shailene were sitting in a tree.”

emma stone spider man

It was widely believed that “Shailene” refers to Shailene Woodley who was to play Mary Jane Watson. The Amazing Spider-Man 2but whose part was cut Stone’s to divert attention from Gwen Stacy. Speculation swirled that Emma Stone was using Twitter — and may soon take to Instagram and Facebook — to shame an unfaithful Andrew Garfield. But the truth turned out to be much simpler.

Other tweets surfaced and, like the anagram tweet, were quickly deleted. A few weeks after the anagram tweet, Stone told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show (via) entertainment tonight) that he only tweeted once, and it was to tell voice actor Seth MacFarlane “Me too, oh boy.”

The anagram tweet, Stone said, was not. His Twitter account was hacked and a strange message was probably tweeted by the offending hacker. The hacker had changed the password and e-mail address associated with the account, and Stone said she was working to remove it.

So it’s no surprise that Emma Stone is no longer interested in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever new social media platforms emerge. And unlike a lot of us, Stone sticks to her word. Or, maybe she’s staying true to her word.

Emma Stone refuses to use Twitter or Instagram

At the July 2015 premiere of Woody Allen irrational man, I! Online asked Stone if there was any chance she would be back on Twitter any time soon. Stone said he didn’t think so, citing the 2013 hack as a reason. However, when asked if he has a secret Twitter account so that he can trace the unrecognized social media platform, he said, “Maybe?”

When we’re on the topic of Woody Allen movies, the fact that Stone worked with woody allen Feather irrational man Maybe it’s a good idea for him to avoid social media. After the writer/director alleged that Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan was sexually abusive as a child, the number of stars willing to work with Allen continues to dwindle. Counting herself among those looking to work with Allen will no doubt have Emma Stone pulled and quartered on Instagram and other platforms.

Emma Stone is married to Dave McCreery

Unfortunately, if you want to follow Stone’s adventures online, there aren’t many options. stone married saturday night live Section director Dave McCurry in 2020 and while McCurry has accounts on Twitter and Instagram, you won’t find much. McCreery Twitter account is safe, and requires approval for anyone wanting to read his tweets. Meanwhile, their Instagram account There has been no update since May 2020, although one of the recent posts is the announcement of their engagement from 2019.

For now it seems the best – and probably only – way to follow Emma Stone on Instagram or any other platform is through her movies. For example, you can find tons of pictures and videos of the star on the official Instagram account for Disney’s Cruella, Similarly, you can find similar media on the official Zombieland insta,

Emma Stone Cruella 2. will act in

Emma Stone Crulla

While there is still no Emma Stone Instagram or Twitter, that doesn’t mean the actress isn’t busy in the industry. far from it. Though she may not be sharing things in the typical landscape of celebrity social media, the actress has a lot to offer in the years to come.

The talented Stone will most notably return to Disney as Cruella de Vil. Part of an anti-hero, villainous theme run by the studio in recent years, the debut was a success for Mouse House.

Although it was released when we were still in the grip of the pandemic and theaters were not opened to full capacity, the film still managed to rake in over $200 million at the box office. And a few months later it hit Disney+. Sitting at 74% on Rotten Tomatoes, it also scored fairly well with critics.

Now there are plans for a Cruella 2 To follow up on this story, which made something different from the original 101 Dalmation Story. That’s okay because that’s how he made the character a lot more layered, something that went along with Emma Stone. It totally worked.

she will star in the curse

And though there’s no Emma Stone Instagram to promote it, the actress will also star in a new comedy series called Showtime. curse. With Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie, the show looks like a dark comedy about a pair of HGTV hosts who are actually cursed while trying to conceive a child. It’s kind of a weird story, but it could actually work considering the people involved.

Also, Emma Stone has another movie, poor things Which can be really mind-boggling. In the story, a woman drowns herself in an attempt to escape from her abusive husband, only to have her mind replaced by the mind of an unborn daughter. vague? Sure, me too. But it is based on an award-winning novel whose story can really get people thinking.


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