Chris Pratt making Terminal List 2?

Chris Pratt is hinting that Terminal List is coming back for Season 2.

by Mark Mackie | published

If you like TV series based on novel series, Amazon Prime is the place to go as they are home to shows like Titis Welliver. BOSCHJohn Krasinski jack ryanof rosemund pike wheel of timemorphid clark’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerand Alan Richson Reacher, On July 1 of this year, Amazon released another series based on thriller novels, this time by Jack Carr, starring Chris Pratt as an adaptation of his books after Navy SEAL James Rees, titled terminal list, Since it was a runaway hit, fans have been asking where they can expect season two to come, and according to time limitPratt says he has nothing to worry about.

Chris Pratt played Lieutenant Commander James Rees in season one of the Amazon Prime Original and sat down with Jack Karr, the author of the books, for his podcast, danger Close, to discuss the series. When asked if there would be more, Pratt addressed her crazy fans and said that she has nothing to worry about and that she loves and appreciates the support. They said they are working remotely to make sure fans keep returning to the well for longer terminal list,

Chris Prato

Season one of the series follows Lieutenant Commander James Rees (Pratt), the sole survivor of an ambush that killed his entire team of Navy Seals, to save another soldier who committed suicide upon his return. Did it After being diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his brain, Rees discovers a massive cover-up, involving everyone from his chain of command to politicians. He goes on a killing spree to take revenge on all those who wronged him and his team. Constance Wu in the series (crazy rich asian, hustler), Taylor Kitsch (Friday night Lights, John Carter), Jean Triplehorn (criminal mind, basic nature), and Jai Courtney (suicide squad, Jack Reacher,

terminal list It was released to widespread shock from critics, who called the series an “unhinging right-wing revenge fantasy” and “a wet dream for a militia-minded anti-installation cook”, resulting in a 39% score on Rotten Tomatoes. There was a certified rotten score. Fans rallied behind the series, however, racking up 1.4 billion minutes in its second week of streaming, bringing it only to second place. strange things And Rotten Tomatoes has a score of 95%. With this kind of reception from fans, Amazon would be hard-pressed for not flagging off more seasons, but as of now, there’s been no official word for the series.

Pratt responded to the news that terminal list Mike Myers on his social media. K was second in streaming with a post involving Dr. Evil Austin Powers And a twist on his iconic line while boasting about streaming minutes. He is no stranger to controversy, particularly political and social controversy, and the successful launch of one of his assets in the face of that controversy gives him reason to celebrate. There are five more novels in the Jack Carr series of novels, so fans may have more of Jack Reese to look forward to.


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