Chris Evans Has a Big Prediction for New Ana de Armas Movie

Chris Evans says he thinks the new Ana de Armas feature Blonde is going to be an Oscar contender.

by Joshua Jones | published

Chris Evans recently talks about the upcoming Ana de Armas movie White, during his interview with Diversity (via MovieWeb), Evans predicted that Armas could win big at the Oscars for his portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. He also mentioned watching some camera tests of the actress.

“I think it was one of the first occasions that he had to really sink his teeth into this incredibly demanding thing. I didn’t see the fear in the slightest; I saw the excitement. I remember watching [her camera test] And was saying, ‘Well, that’s Marilyn… where’s your shot? this is you? Holy sh-t! You’re going to win an Oscar for this!'”

While Chris Evans’ praise for the new film is comforting, it still doesn’t relieve the enormous pressure on its lead actress. Many online have criticized Armas’ foreign accent and have already closed the film. From what director Andrew Dominic is trying to say, the online debate and the film’s NC-17 rating have garnered a lot of attention.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas team up in Netflix spy thriller gray man, Critics of the film praised the performances of Evans and fellow lead actor Ryan Gosling. He was also influenced by Armas’ turn as CIA agent Dani Miranda.

Despite the film being praised by some critics, it hit a snag during its second release on the streamer. The action spy thriller initially clocked in over 245 million hours. However, it soon fell 60% and was suddenly not on everyone’s radar as other content on streaming started flooding the streaming space.

anne of arms
Ana de Armas Inn gray man (2022)

controversy surrounding White The biopic can be taken on a similar path. Viewers may be interested to see what director Andrew Dominic does with the iconic singer, but they may be in for a big drop after the first week of release. Chris Evans’ comments about Ana de Armas’ performance give it a bit of hope.

A detailed look at the controversial biopic was released online during the summer. The trailer gives us a glimpse of what Chris Evans saw during Ana de Armas’s camera test. Not only does she capture the same beauty as Marilyn, but she also captures the star power and charm of the late actress, as well as glimpses of her broken soul.

the actress told netflix tail That she spent almost a year studying Marilyn’s interviews, films, and photographs to prepare for the role. She also read the novel that helped inspire the upcoming biopic. It’s an aspect that both Chris Evans and Ana de Armas share that they are committed to their characters onscreen and before the cameras begin to roll.

whereas White Chris Evans and Ana de Armas is a different kind of movie than the Netflix spy thriller gray manIt’s exciting to hear Evans speak so much about his former co-star. Evans and Armas also appeared in Rian Johnson’s mystery thriller knives out, The sequel to the film starring Daniel Craig is set to premiere on streamers later this year.

in addition to the following knives out Featuring Chris Evans, Ana de Armas film starred famed horror actress Jamie Lee Curtis. during an interview with allie, Curtis revealed that she had a false belief that the Cuban actress had just stepped off a plane and was in her first significant Hollywood role. before knives outArmas already had some major credits, including starring in blade runner 2049, war dogsAnd knock knock,

Thankfully, Chris Evans has no embarrassing stories about his first meeting with Ana de Armas. At least, not that we know. White Will receive a limited theatrical release in the US on September 16th Before coming to Netflix the week after.


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