Black Adam post-credits scene revealed

Black Adam will face Amanda Waller and Superman in a post-credits scene.

by Nathan Kamal | published

to come black adam The film is one of the most anticipated films of all time for the DC Universe, which makes its inevitable post-credits scene all the more exciting. As per our trusted and proven sources, black adam The post-credits scene will actually see him face Superman for the first time, as has long been rumored/enthusiastically promoted by Dwayne Johnson. it seems that black adam A post-credits scene will see the mysteriously driven antihero resting in his throne room, faced only by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis, reiterating his role); After Black Adam refuses to join his team, Superman appears as an inherent threat to take him back.

This black adam The post-credits scene would confirm many of the rumors so far, most notably the DC Universe setting up a confrontation between Dwayne Johnson’s character and whatever version of Superman will be around. However, it raises several other questions; Specifically, we don’t know yet whether Amanda Waller is trying to enlist Black Adam in some version of Suicide Squad in the post-credits, or if she’s developing some other, even more powerful team. . Given that Suicide Squad (or Task Force X) is usually “recruited” from the ranks of imprisoned supervisors, this may indicate that Waller is building another, even more secretive team.

Black Adam post-credits

Another question raised by black adam The post-credits scene is exactly how Amanda Waller pressures Superman to act as her backup against the Canadian metahuman. It’s not like Amanda Waller, who is typically portrayed as a highly moral, pragmatic mastermind on the side of the good, often allied with Superman, who is all that good in the DC Universe and The bus is an example. the probability that black adam The post-credits scene won’t give us much detail in terms of their partnership, but that’s really what a tease is about.

black adam A post-credits scene will include an exchange between the Man in Black stating that “there’s no one on this planet who can stop me” and Superman counters by saying “Good thing I I’m not from this planet.” It seems that Superman and his sense of midwestern good manners are unusually egregious, which begs another question: What version of Superman will be seen here? The question of whether Henry Cavill will return to portray the Kryptonian superhero has been very much in the air lately, so potentially black adam Post-credits can clean it up.

at least, it black adam The post-credits scene will raise the stakes for a Dwayne Johnson vs. Superman fight, for which the Fast and Furious star appears to be. We’ve reported before that Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to install Dwayne Johnson as the new center of the DC Universe (which we have some misconceptions about), so this could be the first step towards that handover. On the other hand, we might get just part of the super-fight, which feels great.


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