Beverly Hills Cop 4 is bringing back fan-favorite cast

Beverly Hills Cop 4 is officially bringing back Detective Billy Rosewood and Sergeant Taggart.

by Charlene Badasi | published

Eddie Murphy will reunite with some old friends Beverly Hills Cop 4, While recently set images indicate the involvement of various original cast members in the Netflix project, time limit Judge Reinhold and John Ashton confirmed the return of Detectives Billy Rosewood and Sergeant Taggart. Paul Reiser’s sidekick cop, Jeffrey Friedman, will also return alongside Bronson Pinchot, who starred as the sassy art gallery salesman in previous installments.

Detective Billy Rosewood and Sergeant Taggart Beverly Hills Cop 4

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley The hit is the fourth installment in the action-comedy franchise. It’s from 1984 Beverly Hills Cope1987’s Beverly Hills Cop IIand 1994 Beverly Hills Cop III, In 2019, Netflix was stripped of the rights to release Beverly Hills Cop 4, which removed the Roman numerals of the title. Instead, the much-anticipated project is named after Eddie Murphy’s fish-out-of-water Detroit police officer who travels to Los Angeles to investigate crimes.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Directed by Mark Molloy from a screenplay by Will Beale. While plot details have been kept firmly under wraps, the story is said to follow Axl Foley as he returns to 90210 to solve a new case. In the original film, Detective Billy Rosewood and Sergeant John Taggart were hired to track down Foley as he tried to solve the murder of his best friend.

Beverly Hills Cope was a massive commercial and critical hit. While launching the franchise, it also helped launch Eddie Murphy’s Hollywood career. However, the last time fans noticed Axl Foley was less successful. Beverly Hills Cop III. Since then, audiences have waited patiently to see the revival of the franchise. Now after years of rumors and false starts, Beverly Hills Cope 4 is currently shooting in California. Taylor Paige and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have also been cast in undisclosed roles.

talking to slash filmPaul Reiser was asked about reuniting with Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop 4. The actor joked that he tries to “help Eddie” whenever he can and to boost his career. Citing the familiar look of his co-star, Stranger Things Star He said that he was happy to see that he [Murphy] Actually 23 didn’t seem to be there anymore. “It seems like, a year ago, this guy looks exactly like that,” the 66-year-old told the publication. The actor also recalled the time elapsed since the first film, saying he had been doing this “for a long time”.

Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman are producing Beverly Hills Cop 4 For Jerry Bruckheimer Films with Eddie Murphy. Charise Hewitt-Webster and Ray Angelique will serve as executive producers, while Melissa Reid will co-produce the project for Jerry Bruckheimer Films. date of release Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley Not yet announced by Netflix.

Meanwhile, away Beverly Hills Cop 4Eddie Murphy made the first Netflix movie dolemite is my name, The biographical comedy is directed by Craig Brewer from a script by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. Murphy stars as filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore, best known for his stand-up routines and portraying the Dolemite character in a series of blaxploitation films.


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