Aquaman 2 is Delayed So That A Well-Known Actress Can Take The Place Of Amber Heard

Rumors about Amber Heard’s participation in Aquaman 2 have resurfaced as a result of the unfortunate schedule disruption. Despite being embroiled in a nasty legal dispute with Johnny Depp, the actress came back to film scenes for the sequel, but it is still unclear what her future holds for the DC Extended Universe. The 36-year-old was also questioned if she would return, noting Warner Bros. reluctance throughout the trial. Jason Momoa and director James Wan pushed for her inclusion, but she stayed on as Mera.

Since then, the actress has acknowledged she wasn’t sure if her smaller role would even be included in the final product. Now, Syl Abdul, a YouTube celebrity, claims that there is a little more to the Aquaman 2 delay than reshoots. Emila Clarke will take the place of Amber Heard in the movie, which will require more time in post-production. The idea is to cut out all of the sequences with Johnny Depp’s ex-wife and cast the likable Game of Thrones actress instead as Mera. If the decision is accurate, The Stand alum’s involvement in the DCEU would come to an end after two appearances.

Below, you can see renderings of Emila Clarke as Mera created by fans:

In Justice League, Amber Heard made her acting debut as Mera and later appeared in Aquaman. She returned again to film scenes for Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder. Mera’s involvement in Aquaman 2 is already rumored to be diminished, with the narrative centering on Arthur Curry and the Ocean Master instead. However, nothing has been formally confirmed. Amber Heard was fired and Mera was recast after the actress claimed Warner Bros had already removed her from her contract and DC Films chief Walter Hamada said they had thought about doing so before filming started, according to ScreenRant.

Variety recently refuted many claims that Amber Heard had been dropped from Aquaman 2 despite suspicions of Mera’s recasting. The actress’s representatives reportedly complained to TMZ that the rumors are still “inaccurate, insulting, and slightly ridiculous.” Even while she may not be the most well-known movie star right now, sometimes retakes are simply retaken. Additionally, it does not imply that Heard will be replaced. Warner Bros. reported delays for a number of much-anticipated films, including Shazam! and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Fans can still anticipate seeing Aquaman 2 in cinemas on December 25, 2023, with rumors and all. The movie will once again be directed by James Wan, while David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick will once again write the screenplay. Wan and Peter Safran are both producing. Jason Momoa will return to the film as Aquaman, and Patrick Wilson will play Orm. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who plays Black Manta, as well as Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, and Dolph Lundgren are additional returning cast members. Currently, it’s anticipated that Amber Heard will return to the cast as Mera.

It’s interesting that the actress said (via ScreenRant) that she had to struggle mightily to keep her position in Aquaman 2. She said during the trial that numerous screenplay revisions had gradually eliminated more and more of her planned scenes as Mera. Amber Heard specifically mentioned the removal of action and battle scenes while addressing the jury. She said that the role of Mera in the final version of the script for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was drastically reduced.


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