Andrew Garfield Signs For Future Marvel Movies Exclusive Details

Andrew Garfield isn’t done with Marvel just. After his instantaneously timeless team-up with the Tom Holland and also Tobey Maguire versions of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Garfield is returning for even more. According to Giant Freakin Robot verified resource has validated the Oscar-nominated star has actually signed the dotted line to find back for more Marvel flicks. 

The timing of this news could possibly claim a whole lot regarding in what capacity Andrew Garfield goes back to Marvel. Simply recently, Kevin Feige all but verified what many Marvel Comics fans understood already– that the next huge event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be based on the 2015-16 Marvel Comics mega-crossover, Secret Wars. Presuming the staged occasion is anything like the resource product, it will require even more alternate universe versions of recognized Marvel characters than ever. 

When Marvel Comics relaunched both Avengers and also New Avengers in 2013, Jonathan Hickman created both titles and he crafted a long-form story regarding the heroes encountering something we listened to speak about in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Illuminati of Marvel Comics covertly started securing their reality versus “incursions,” i.e. instances of 2 timelines endangering to collide with each other, potentially damaging both. Ultimately just the 616 facts continued to be, as well as finally none in any way. After that, with 2015’s Secret Wars # 1, Doctor Doom reprises reality with himself designated the leader of Battleworld– the only world in his new fact– and renamed himself God Doom. 

Andrew Garfield

This is where the get-together of Andrew Garfield and Marvel comes in. In the comic publication event Secret Wars, whatever revolves around apparently countless variations of recognized Marvel characters co-existing in the exact same world. There’s a world where the Marvel characters are all in a Western setup; one filled up with zombified Marvel characters; as well as several worlds based on X-Men dystopian stories like Days of Future Past, and Age of Apocalypse, and Old Man Logan.

It would certainly be virtually difficult for Marvel Studios to adjust Secret Wars at the same range, but despite how much of it they adjust, they will doubtless demand way much more versions than they have actually ever had in a solitary project, which is where Andrew Garfield returning to Marvel can be found in. The occasion will require a minimum of a couple of versions of Spider-Man, and having Garfield on board makes things a great deal simpler.

In fact, there’s no factor Andrew Garfield would always be restricted to the Marvel role we already know him for. This could be part of the response to inquiry fans have been asking for years: just how and also when will Miles Morales enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Possibly Garfield will play the version of Parker that passes away prior to Morales taking the mantle? Just last week, Kevin Feige all yet confirmed what the majority of Marvel Comics followers knew already– that the following large occasion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be based on the 2015-16 Marvel Comics mega-crossover, Secret Wars. This is where the reunion of Andrew Garfield, as well as Marvel, comes in. There’s a realm where the Marvel characters are all in a Western setup; one loaded with zombified Marvel characters; and also multiple worlds based on X-Men dystopian stories like Days of Future Past, Age of Apocalypse, and also Old Man Logan.

In fact, there’s no reason Andrew Garfield would always be limited to the Marvel role we currently recognize him for.


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