Adrien Brody praises Ana de Armas as a blonde: “I’m still blown away”

Before the wide release of the Marilyn Monroe biopic blonde on Netflix, its cast and crew continue to promise a stunning performance from the main star Ana de Armas. Written and directed by Andrew Dominik, Blonde is adapted from the original book by Joyce Carol Oates. Rated NC-17, the film will arrive in limited theaters on September 16 before streaming on Netflix on September 28. It was recently screened at the Venice International Film Festival where it was greeted with a 14-minute standing ovation.

Blonde also has Adrien Brody in a key role as playwright Arthur Miller, Monroe’s third husband. Speaking to Variety ahead of the film’s release, Brody had some glowing things to say about his co-star. According to Brody, Armas had been so convincing with his portrayal of Monroe that it was like stepping into a time machine and going straight back to that time. As Brody explains, this was evident from their first day on set.

“I was transported to another time and another place. I really thought she channeled [Marilyn] – she brought a nuanced nuance, emotionally present [and] related impression of her. I’m still amazed by it. It was really impressive.

Brody also teased that even big Monroe fans might have a better understanding of the late Hollywood legend after watching. Blond.

“I think the beauty of the film is that it shares an aspect of [Marilyn’s] life that probably isn’t so clearly defined in most people’s hearts and minds. If you’re really a fan, you’d probably want to know a bit more about her life and realities, and what she struggled with to deliver all of this amazing work and portray the image that everyone will love.

Ana de Armas is the perfect choice for Marilyn Monroe, say the co-stars

Actor Evan Williams, who also appears in Blond as late actor Edward G. Robinson Jr., said Ana de Armas was perfect as Marilyn Monroe. For Williams, the casting goes further than the impressive actor Armas in the role. Williams also says that Armas was able to bring some authenticity to the Monroe game because they both have the same understanding of the audience.

” To be [wasn’t] a better choice to play Marilyn because art imitates life. [Ana] knows so much about how audiences want a piece of her, so she got to talk about it, and she does it brilliantly.

There had been criticism of Armas’ casting when it was first revealed, as some people on social media were of the opinion that a Cuban actress should not play the Hollywood legend. However, those involved supported his cast, including producer Brad Pitt, calling the performance “phenomenal”. The Marilyn Monroe Estate also defended the cast in a statement, making it clear they were happy with Armas in the film.

Blond will be released for streaming on Netflix on September 28, 2022, after first screening in limited theaters from September 16.


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