Worst Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Hates The Hulk CGI

If you believe in it the first actor ever to assume the character of The Hulk did not have CGI. In the 70s Hulk was played by Lou Ferrigno, who was an athlete in the era. The actor was able to climb up the bodybuilding circuit professionally and was eventually cast in a television show. But, Ferrigno recently commented on the new direction the MCU has chosen to take with his role. In the words of Ferrigno, “Though I appreciate the stunning visual work the visual effects artists are creating, they’re not capturing the real human qualities that only actors are able to play. Particularly with regard to the character of The Hulk.”

We agree that any CGI certainly eliminates the authenticity of the human character It is merely essential to show these characters that are larger than life. Larger is more at ease with Hulk given that he’s supposed to be huge in terms of size. The Hulk might have appeared to be big and well-meaning in his initial TV show, but that was also the time when television sets were smaller and the size of a man can be considered to be huge. The Hulk is much greater than Lou Ferrigno. While he’s a huge human being, comically speaking, Ferrigno is just too small. This was the original idea of creating the idea of a CGI version of Ferrigno’s character. He was supposed to be huge.

Lou Ferrigno can be proud to have been the first Hulk He was the Hulk who teamed together with Bill Bixby, who was Bruce Banner. But, it was long before computers were utilized in the way they are today. Ferrigno is an original character from the period where he played the character. It’s a bit strange that he is speaking negatively about the way the character has developed. It could be a sign of jealousy given that the man hasn’t been invited to the MCU. He was the voice of Hulk for the Hulk 2008 remake with Edward Norton, though Ferrigno has not been featured in any way in the films starring Mark Ruffalo. Ferrigno is a pioneer after his muscles have led him to play this iconic character however that’s the end of the road for the actor.

The Hulk has certainly changed over the years and is now more complex and well-known than ever. Mark Ruffalo has combined the genetics of Bruce Banner and Hulk into an amazing piece of art. Lou Ferrigno just showed the Hulk as a destructive power without emotion. He’s free to say whatever he would like about the CGI but it’s a thing that was necessary to do.

Mark Ruffalo has been Hulk since 2012 and it appears that he’s not leaving. While some people were skeptical when he became Hulk his role, he has proved to be a master Hulk. He has the perfect Bruce Banner and has truly helped everyone get to know Hulk more. Lou Ferrigno might just be the old man who is averse to anything futuristic right now. CGI will always be the trend in the near future. CGI was revolutionized with Star Wars and has grown exponentially since it was first introduced. CGI allows us to see comic heroes at their most effective. Ferrigno simply has to manage this.


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