A Healish Seth Rogen Movie Is Trending On Netflix

The dark comedy This Is the End is among the top 10 most streamed movies on Netflix.

by Joshua Jones | published

One of Seth Rogen’s famous comedies dominates the streaming charts. According to Flix Patrolcomedy of 2013 it’s the end Ranked near the top of Netflix’s Top 10 Movies charts this week. The news came when it was reported that Rogen’s R-rated animated comedy Sausage Party Streaming is also paying a lot of attention.

it’s the end Perhaps one of Seth Rogen’s most popular comedies. The story focuses on fictional versions of the cast after surviving a global biblical apocalypse. It is a feature-length adaptation of the 2007 short film. Jay and Seth Vs Apocalypse,

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg co-wrote the 9-minute short film. Before working with Rogen in the film, Goldberg worked on the famous comedy very bad And Knocked, After wrapping up production later, Goldberg and director Jason Stone worked on the script for Jay and Seth Vs Apocalypse for three weeks.

Principal photography of the short film began in September 2006 and lasted for two days. After the Seth Rogen comedy trailer was released on YouTube, it garnered over 50,000 hits in its first two weeks. The success of the short film convinced Stone and Goldberg to shop around the project.

After being contested by several production companies, the project eventually turned into a full-fledged feature-length film titled it’s the end, in an interview with GuardianGoldberg stated that one of the project’s influences was “the breaking down of Charlie Kaufman into small pieces” and his and Seth Rogen’s love. The Larry Sanders Show, He also took inspiration from reality television shows when he decided to have actors play exaggerated versions of themselves.

seth rogen this is the end
Danny McBride, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and Seth Rogen it’s the end (2013)

principal photography it’s the end New Orleans happened because of financial incentives from the city. An interesting fact about the production is that actress Emma Watson walked off set because she felt uneasy about a scene involving cannibalism. One scene featured actor Danny McBride as the cannibal and his sex slave, Channing Tantum. Despite all this, Seth Rogen’s comedy did well at the box office.

this is the end, It grossed approximately $101.5 million at the North American box office against a production budget of $32 million. The film was released the same weekend as Warner Bros. and DC man of Steel, In its second weekend, the Seth Rogen comedy peaked at number 4 on the worldwide box office charts.

Seth Rogen may have starred alongside Brad Pitt in a version of the film. In an interview with Daily California, Goldberg revealed that he considered casting Pitt in the film at one point. However, the creators chose to work on the project with their friends.

While the audience remembers Seth Rogen for his work in films like it’s the endThe actor has diversified his portfolio over the years. He is reportedly involved in making a film about a subreddit. movie, dumb moneyBased on the financial story of the subredditor David and his fight against a giant hedge fund.

Seth Rogen has also appeared in some award fairs. In 2015, he played the role of Steve Wozniak in the Steve Jobs biopic. Interestingly, his work in the biopic did not earn him any award nominations.

Seth Rogen has received several nominations for his work it’s the end, The American Comedy Awards nominated him for Best Comedy Director, earning the film a Best Screenplay nomination. it’s the end It was also nominated for Best Horror Film at the 2014 Saturn Awards.

In addition to starring in a movie about the subreddit, one of Seth Rogen’s critically panned films is reportedly receiving a reboot. In June it was reported that the 2011 film green rush The project will be resumed with filmmaker Leigh Whannell in talks to run. According to time limitproject is called Green Hornet and BiteAnd it will not star the rogan.

Despite his involvement in the project, Seth Rogen remains a prolific comedian and actor in the industry. see the success of it’s the end To know that guy has some brilliant but sometimes ridiculous ideas.


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