A cheesy Seth Rogen movie is streaming for free

by Joshua Jones | published

One of the worst Seth Rogen movies is now available to stream for free. First R-rated CG film Sausage Party Available with commercials on Amazon Prime Video and for free on Freevie. According to Flix PatrolThe film is already close to #5 in Freevy’s top 10 chart of the week.

Seth Rogen’s 2016 raucous comedy was directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, who also starred in Universal Pictures’ The Addams Family films. The comedy was considered a direct parody of the Disney and Pixar animated projects. It follows an anthropomorphic sausage who discovers what happens when she buys groceries at the grocery store.

In addition to Seth Rogen, the voice cast includes Michael Cera as a deformed sausage named Barry, Kristen Wiig as a hot dog bug named Brenda, Edward Norton as a deranged bagel named Sammy, and many others. The film is the first 3D computer-animated feature to receive an R rating by the Motion Pictures Association of America. Canada-based studio Nitrogen Studios handled animation for the project.

seth rogen sausage party
in frank and brenda Sausage Party (2016)

After the film’s release, anonymous comments about the poor conditions of the animators began to surface online. an article from cartoon brew Allegations noted that Nitrogen Studios’ animators were forced to work overtime without any additional pay by co-director Greg Tiernan. The article painted an ugly picture of the Seth Rogen-led animated comedy and helped lead one of the production companies behind the project, Annapurna, to ensure that overtime rates were paid.

Sources close to the situation claimed that “unreasonable pressure tactics” were used, in addition to not paying the animators for overtime. [animation] team.” Some tactics included intimidation, “using fear tactics that demotivate and cause distress,” and “implying that other departments were also working overtime.” Nitrogen is said to have followed responded to an open letter about unfair tactics imposed on animators in the U.S., calling on signers to remove anyone’s names. Despite the controversy, the Seth Rogen-led animated comedy made $97 at the box office. earned more than a million.

Another controversial fact regarding the film was that the film was initially rated NC-17 by the MPAA. After Seth Rogen submitted the film, the MPAA gave it an NC-17 rating because of the visible pubic hair during the food orgy scene. After the pubic hair was removed, the MPAA gave it an R status.

Critics of the Seth Rogen comedy praised it for its bold take on the animated genre. Richard Roper called it “smart” and “funny as hell”, citing the film’s excessive profanity. The film currently sits at 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critical consensus also referring to excessive profanity and a “surprisingly thought-provoking story”.

Seth Rogen expressed interest in a sequel after the film’s theatrical release. during an interview with fandangoRogen discusses how . original end of Sausage Party Could have led to a possible follow-up. The original ending was shown to fans in attendance at South by Southwest and revealed animated characters stepping through a portal that took them into our live-action real world.

sausage party
Sausage Party (2017)

In the same interview, Seth Rogen also teased plans to make more R-rated animated CG features. He mentioned that there was “no precedent” for the type of project before. Sausage Party And hopefully fan feedback will convince the studio to make more of it. Despite its impressive opening at the box office on the first weekend, the film never got a sequel.

outside of Sausage Party, Seth Rogen has lent his voice to other projects. He is currently in production of Mufasa: The Lion King, in which he will reprise his role as Pumbaa. Rogen also voiced the character Mantis in DreamWorks’ Kung-Fu Panda franchise.

While the Seth Rogen animated comedy didn’t get a sequel, it did get a video game tie-in. Rogen’s character appeared in Frank and Kristen Wiig’s Brenda mobile fighting game Sausage Legend, The game was part of a limited series event that ran from March 6 to July 31, 2017.

while discussing other projects in Sausage Party world, Seth Rogen references the classic animated, live-action hybrid who Framed Roger Rabbit? The actor said that he found the genre of the film very exciting and the film was one of his favourites. while on one door Sausage Party 2 Not closed for good, it certainly is not likely to form at this point.


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