Lyon 1 faculty deny use of ChatGPT to cheat in their courses

Lyon 1 faculty deny use of ChatGPT to cheat in their courses

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According to information from BFM Lyon, the University of Lyon is no longer in contact with the professor who condemned the use of ChatGPT by students. The latter ensures that the hoax is genuine.

Some students’ copying makes a lot of noise during homework in Handicapology. If the use of ChatGPT to write their copy is well established, first information indicated that the facts would have occurred within the University of Lyon. However, the faculty, which hosts master’s degrees in sensory and cognitive disabilities, denies these details. ,

no intervention since 2016

According to information from BFM Lyon, Professor Stéphane Bonvalet, who discovered the use of artificial intelligence ChatGPT by his students, is no longer part of the Lyon 1 faculty. Although they gave a conference in 2016, no further collaborations have taken place. Held since. His temporary file was also deleted by the university in 2019. Other Lyon universities have confirmed that they have not called on the lecturer’s services.

On his site, Stephen Bonvallet made a point of clarifying his remarks. During the interviews he gave, he claimed that he never mentioned that the duty in question was part of a teaching within the Leon 1 master’s degree. He indicates that he gives courses and conferences for “many clients, public and private”.

“I never gave the identity of my client and my students, nor mentioned the educational content and curriculum, it was never an official examination of a faculty or training center”, he wrote.

attentive to possible uses

Stephen Bonvalette’s testimony is material on his return to the use of ChatGPT to complete a homework assignment. For its part, the general management of the Lyon 1 faculty says it is closely monitoring the possible use of artificial intelligence, but has so far received no response from the fraudster.

When questioned by Tech&Co, the Ministry of National Education maintains that it “carefully follows the question and the potential uses of this innovation”. According to a spokesperson, using ChatGPT is relevant “neither to do your homework, nor to progress”.

While some teachers claim to be able to understand a student’s writing and an artificial intelligence, the Tech&Co editorial staff tells you how to tell if a text is written by ChatGPT.


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