How Amazon wants to help you keep track of your gas and electricity usage

How Amazon wants to help you keep track of your gas and electricity usage

Amazon has teamed up with the Nettmo and Hello Watt apps to enable energy consumption monitoring on its Echo Show devices, but also to control its budget and even save money.

Save energy and on the bill. It has become the pursuit of many people this winter. Solutions exist among connected objects to manage the home thermostat, program its lights, and limit unnecessary consumption. But not everyone knows how to prepare themselves properly or how to follow up.

With its versatile voice assistant and smart screen devices that it is trying to install in homes, Amazon had the idea of ​​combining the two to offer monitoring of electricity and gas consumption. A home user based on the data available for each. Similar to services offered by energy suppliers such as Enedis, the Echo Show device will allow day-to-day billing to be monitored.

Know about the devices that consume the most in real time

For this, the e-commerce giant has partnered with young French company Hello Watt to create a choice that will be displayed on its smart screen (Echo Show 5, 8, 10 or 15). This will allow you to find out its hourly consumption (if you have activated it with Enedis), the monthly balance sheet and the most energy consuming uses within the home. Hello Watts, like Amazon, however, displays power consumption on d+1 and gas on d+2, shortly pending a refinement.

Ask Alexa and your gas usage appears on the Echo Show 5 screen
Ask Alexa and your gas consumption appears on the Echo Show 5 screen © Tech & Company – Melinda Devon-Soules

To take advantage of this for free, you must have Linki (electricity) and/or Gajpar (gas) meters that provide real-time remote readings. Once everything is installed and configured with your information (meter number), paired Alexa and Hello Watt accounts, the data is displayed on the screen.

It is also possible to ask the voice assistant for consumption in kWh, in euros or in CO2 emissions, by hour, day, to give a breakdown of the bill by use (household appliances, heating, hot water, lighting, etc.) and receive analysis week or month.

Hello Watts also provides advice and solutions for savings according to the information provided on the home (surface, type of heating, joint ownership, etc.). This can range from installing a thermodynamic water heater to changing habits (washing at 30 or 40 degrees, unplugging unused appliances, etc.). Experts are also available for discussions and pre-work simulation tools are available.

Hello Watt allows you to get information about its energy consumption, its usage and saving tips
Hello Watt allows you to get information about its energy consumption, its usage and tips to save © Tech & Co.

“We saw that users of our site or our application had achieved 15% energy savings in one year. This is twice as much as the average French person”, welcomes Xavier Coudart, co-founder of ‘Hello Watt’ from Tech & Co. .

With this integration into Echo Show devices, Amazon and Hello Watts offer mutual support. The first to enrich your information offering on your devices and within your connected home project. Second to have visibility for its energy consumption support service.

How to activate your consumption tracking?

– Install the HelloWat application on your smartphone and create an account by adding your Linky and/or Gazpar information to recover your data.
– Go to the Alexa app and add the Hello Watt skill. Link your two accounts by validating the email received.
– On your Echo Show device, go to the Widgets menu to add Hello Watts.
– Your data will be visible as soon as your accounts are linked. Ask Alexa for information about your electricity or gas consumption as well as breakdown by post.


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