Here’s How the Portfolios of Crypto Major Figures and VCs Performed in 2022: The Analysis

Here’s how portfolios of crypto prominent figures and VCs performed in 2022: analysis

Until the very end, 2022 proved to be a difficult year for the cryptocurrency industry and resulted in the bankruptcy of many companies and investors – but how did the portfolios of top institutions and insiders fare?

Vitalik Buterin — a co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and the undisputed frontman of the ecosystem — had $1.3 billion in assets on his publicly known wallet addresses as of January 1, 2022. On January 1, 2023, it was down almost 75% to just $328 million. At press time, the value of this wallet has increased once again to $423 million.

Here's how the portfolios of crypto major figures and VCs performed in 2022: Analysis - 1
Profit and loss chart of known wallets of Vitalik Buterin. Source: Arkham Intelligence

Buterin’s top asset is $316 million worth of ethereum, making up the grand total of his holdings, followed by the extremely volatile memecoin SHIKOKU (SHIK) worth around $9 million. Data from Arkham Intelligence shows that all other assets held in his wallet total less than a million dollars.

ETH — the cryptocurrency and ecosystem that Buterin faces most — was priced around $770 in early 2022, and is currently trading at $1,612. Despite this increase in value, Buterin’s wallet now holds significantly fewer assets, partly due to the many outgoing transactions and the falling value of many coins.

Some of Buterin’s biggest outflows of 2022 include $60.25 million worth of Ethereum, two transactions sending $100 million to the total, and $48 million of stablecoin USDC (USDC) for a total of $50 million. This is not a complete list of outgoing transactions processed last year, and in fact, there are many more that are worth millions.

In addition, Buterin also has a number of tokens from the Ethereum ecosystem – many of which are speculative tokens (after Memecoin) sent to him to promote projects. In addition to his 250,147, he has 500 trillion tokens of SHIK, 300 trillion of Jindoge (JINDOGE), 92,870,135 trillion Elongate Deluxe (ELONGD), 250 trillion Doge Inu (DINU), 45,000 trillion Jomon Shiba (JSHIBA) and a surprising Number of other memecoins.

Buterin – perhaps entirely unwillingly – may have been the one prominent crypto personality most exposed to the memecoin explosion in the latest crypto growth market cycle. This resulted in the value of their known on-chain assets peaking at an astonishing estimated value of over $20 billion in late 2021, only to bottom out a billion days later.

A recent on-chain analysis of Buterin’s wallet activity revealed that he deposits almost exclusively on cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase — revealing a preference that he would never have disclosed any other way.

justin sun — the founder of Tron (TRX) and owner of filesharing protocol developer BitTorrent (BTT) as well as crypto exchange Huobi — had a net worth of $2.9 billion as of January 1, 2022.

On January 1, 2023, those wallets held $499 million, representing a decline of 82.8%. As of press time, the digital assets held in his publicly known wallets are worth $641 million, and the value of his assets has dropped to just $521 million, showing an 82% decrease.

Here's how the portfolios of crypto major figures and VCs performed in 2022: Analysis - 2
Justin Sun’s Profit and Loss Chart for Known Wallets. Source: Arkham Intelligence

According to Arkham Intelligence, Sun’s top holding is Ethereum, worth about $430 million, followed by $60 million in TRON DAO stablecoin USDD and $10 million in Compound.Finance (COMP) deposited stablecoin USD Coin (USDC). , which is represented by the CUSDC ticker.

In addition, they have $8.55 million of True USD (TUSD) deposited in Aave (AAVE) and $3.85 million of Maker (MKR) in Aave TUSD (ATUSD) tokens, $1.91 million of Aave-deposited Binance USD (BUSD). are in the form of BUSD. (ABUSD), $1.64 million of Aawe-Deposit Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) in the form of Aawe WBTC (AWBTC), and $1.08 million worth of DYDX (DYDX) tokens. All other holdings are valued at less than $1 million.

The top 2022 outflow transactions included $359 million in Tether (USDT) sent to a single Bitfinex deposit, $200 million in USDC to a Binance deposit, and $161 million in USDC transferred. Finally, there are seven USDC Circle deposits for a total value of over $1.37 billion.

According to Sun, it uses most of its wealth to develop the ecosystems it is involved in. As we previously reported, in mid-December, it moved $150 million from Ethereum to Tron before withdrawing it from Binance and depositing it into stablecoin issuer Paxos.

pantera capital– one of the top crypto venture capital firms – as of January 1, 2022, the wallet was valued at just $62 million.

As of January 1, 2023, just over $4.5 million was held in those same wallets, representing a 93% drop in known wallets. As of press time, the value of those wallets’ assets has risen to $4.7 million.

Here's how the portfolios of crypto major figures and VCs performed in 2022: Analysis - 3
Profit and loss chart of Pantera Capital’s Known Wallet. Source: Arkham Intelligence

Managed by a publicly known wallet Binance Labs – the venture capital arm of the world’s top crypto exchange Binance – had assets worth $33 million as of January 1, 2022. It quickly dropped by more than 95% to just $1.4 million on the first day of the year and surged back to $1.95 million at press time.

Here's how the portfolios of crypto major figures and VCs performed in 2022: Analysis - 4
Profit and loss chart of known wallets of Binance. Source: Arkham Intelligence

Addresses associated with a leading crypto venture capital firm Polychain Capital had assets of $185 million on January 1, 2022. As of January 1 of this year, the firm had $11 million in debt – down 94% from a year ago, and $18.1 million at the time of writing.

while the data is incomplete – especially given that it is unlikely All The addresses used by the entities investigated in the article are publicly known – indicating that the decline in the cryptocurrency has caused many major holders to shrink their assets or sell off to avoid further losses.

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