Acwa Robotics, the multiple-awarded French startup at CES 2023

Acwa Robotics, the multiple-awarded French startup at CES 2023

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Acwa Robotics caused a sensation at CES 2023 by winning three awards thanks to Pathfinder, its autonomous robot capable of inspecting water pipes.

CES 2023, which was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas from January 9 to January 12, 2023, kicked off a few weeks ago. And for Aqua Robotics, a French startup that develops robotic solutions to map and assess the condition of water networks, it’s time to take stock.

And it’s a relatively positive one because the company, based in Corsica and Aix-en-Provence, was one of the stars of the US tech show, winning three innovation awards for Pathfinder, its autonomous robot capable of inspecting pipes and tracking leaks.

“We have presented a machine which is currently in pre-series, to say we will market it in a few months. This new machine is called Pathfinder because it will search for places where “we have not found drinking water”. Haven’t searched. pipe yet. A model of the Pathfinder was presented at CES. It was a bit like a quasi-launch and CES was the perfect cradle for that”, explained Jean-François Guidardoni, Associate Director of Aqua Robotics, to Tech & Company’s guest this Tuesday. Jan. 24.

A distinctive innovation at CES 2023

Pathfinder is an autonomous caterpillar robot intended for water services that can analyze the condition of pipes and stop leaks. “You have loss of thickness, micro-cracks, areas of corrosion… it is possible to analyze all this with images, ultrasound and a range of sensors on the machine. Our aim is to be able to help water services to be refurbished identify areas with high potential, which allows them to prioritize their investments and reduce maintenance costs by being preventive”, underlined Jean-François Guidardoni.

In particular, Pathfinder’s artificial intelligence, which allows it to perform its mission, allows it to automatically identify the data to be recovered (leakage, corrosion, rust, joint defects, etc.) and frequency. Shows the distance traveled. of the collection of this information.

Pathfinder brought Aqua Robotics real recognition from the press and from CES in Las Vegas, as the startup won three innovation awards at the event. A spotlight that allowed him to find new business opportunities. “For us, CES was a full box. We’re happy to be there”, welcomed Jean-François Guidardoni, who plans to market Pathfinder for 2024.


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