Watch Halle Berry Extend Her Legs in a Lacy Corset

There are many different methods of celebrating birthdays. There are those who invite family and friends around, have a meal in the middle of an edible cake, light candles, and then call it a night. It’s easy and classic. The people who would be Halle Berry though. For her birthday, the famous actress had various plans that didn’t include cake decorating, party hats or streamers, or anything similar to this. Instead, she posted on Instagram to upload an image of herself wearing the lace corset, and a few other items to commemorate the occasion. It’s certainly not the clothes that people would imagine wearing when they were in their sixties on the planet. However, most people don’t look like Halle Berry. See what she shared on Instagram:

This Halle Berry Instagram post went out in the middle of August, just at the time of her birthday. It was on August 14th, the day she turned 56. You read it exactly. Halle Berry is at the age at which some parents would retire or film studios would have this kind of age group in older communities. Now, it’s not so much, and Halle Berry is becoming just another example of young people who are proving themselves to be ageless. 56 is 36, but that’s not the case. Whatever the reason, Halle Berry clearly isn’t letting her age, which at the moment appears to be arbitrary, hinder her in any way.

Fans quickly rang in on the Instagram post by Halle Berry, offering both their wishes on their birthdays and praise for the photo she posted. At the time of posting, the post had more than 240K fans through the app. This is an impressive amount for Berry who’s account is close to 8 million followers. Recent posts include her thanking her fans for her birthday message, this time in a more delicate, flowing dress with an ethereal background.

If she’s not posting birthday wishes to the Instagram page, Halle Berry has been very busy demonstrating her talents as an actress. In the past year, she stepped back into the action film lane of big budgets when she was a part of The film by Roland Emmerich Moonfall. The film explored exactly what would happen when the moon strikes Earth. Silly? Yes, but these films have a place. Before that, she made somewhat smaller with The Bruised which was her directorial debut for the actress. She also starred in a movie about an MMA fighter who wants to return to provide an impact on her son.

The next film for Halle Berry will be The Mothership, a sci-fi movie in which she’ll be an innocent woman who discovers an enormous alien object that is buried beneath her farm. Then there’s The Man from Jersey. Man of Jersey The Man from Jersey will see her paired with Mark Wahlberg in an action movie. It will air available on Netflix. It is possible that the cast will be a big hit with the audience for the streaming company. While she is pushing towards 60, Halle Berry is still in the spotlight.


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