Watch Alison Brie Sip Wine While Wearing Neon Shorts

Like the rest of us, Alison Brie is taking advantage of the warm weather, and the actress recently shared a photo of that on Instagram. The woman flaunted a neon-colored outfit that included shorts and a shirt that matched. She was on a “pasta crawl” and drinking wine at the same time. A pasta crawl might not be totally clear to us, but if it resembles a pub crawl in any way, she got to travel from place to place sampling various kinds of pasta. We’d like to offer our services to take part in the upcoming pasta crawl. The compilations of this adventure are available below:

The LA Times chose to profile Alison Brie in a feature article that lasted five and a half hours and involved around ten plates of pasta. We definitely want to be invited to the upcoming pasta crawl now that we are aware of what it is. Also, it sounds like a lot of food to consume 10 bowls of spaghetti, but we are ready for the challenge. More than 24,000 people have liked and commented on the photo gallery of Brie taking on this carb-induced challenge, referring to the actress as the “pasta queen.” Anyone who can finish 10 bowls of spaghetti ought to be referred to as royalty in some way. Is anyone else feeling peckish right now?

Alison Brie keeps busy with her numerous acting assignments when she’s not chowing down on numerous bowls of pasta and sporting a hot neon style. She will play the lead in the movie Somebody I Used To Know. Brie plays the role of Ally, a lady who has developed workaholic behavior, in the movie. She starts to doubt herself when she returns to her hometown and meets Cassidy, a lady who reminds her of the way she used to be. Dave Franco directed the movie. Following that, Brie will do the voices of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for Marvel. Brie recently confessed that she would like to play the MCU’s next major villain.

Alison Brie undoubtedly has a full schedule ahead of her, but perhaps she can leverage her presence in the Marvel series to propel herself into a more prominent evil part. The MCU has a tonne of upcoming television show and movies. When the X-Men are formally incorporated into the MCU, she might play Lady Deathstrike or even the next Jean Grey.

Alison Brie continues to keep her fans informed via her Instagram profile in addition to the neon-clad pasta walk. While being interviewed on various talk shows, she frequently displays her colorful attire or funny moments. She exudes joy in everything she does, including scarfing down copious amounts of pasta while doing interviews. All we want is an invitation to the upcoming spaghetti crawl. Please give us a call.


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