This is how Brad Pitt dealt with the “misery” he felt after the separation with Angelina Jolie

This is how Brad Pitt dealt with the

The actor assures that art was part of his refuge to face the difficult separation from his wife and mother of his children. Brad Pitt talks about his “misery” after being accused of violence by Angelina Jolie.

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In the midst of the judicial drama for his wine property and the accusations of violence from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt he claims he found peace in art. The actor spoke in a recent interview with The Financial Times about how to create art was his inspiration to leave behind the “misery” that his divorce with the actress brought him.

Almost six years after announcing their separation, Pitt has begun to expose the long road he traveled after his relationship with Jolie. So it was that he revealed that, when she separated from her, he turned to two friends for company.

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were the singer Nick Cave and the artist Thomas Houseago who supported Pitt in this long process, with whom he was able to share his problems and complement each other.

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Our mutual misery turned comicalPitt said. “Y from this misery came a flame of joy in my life. He always wanted to be a sculptor, always wanted to try it”.

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The star of him Fight Club said that his artwork has to do with self reflection. “I was looking at my own life and really focusing on owning my own shit: where was I complicit in the failures in my relationships, where did I go wrong”, he continued.

For me, it was born out of owning what I call a radical inventory of self, being really brutally honest with myself and taking into account those I may have hurt.”.

This reflection comes after Pitt was accused of physical violence by his ex-wife after a trip on his private jet in 2016. In that situation, Pitt would have assaulted two of his children, in addition to physically abusing the actress.

a path to good

At that time, Pitt was investigated by the FBI, although he was acquitted of the criminal charges that his ex-wife ruled. Last month, however, Jolie claimed investigators had “probable cause” to prosecute him, after giving new details of the situation.

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In 2019, Pitt sobered up after years of dealing with his alcohol addiction and that’s when he began to own up to his failings.

It was really liberating to expose the ugly sides of oneself”, dijo a The New York Times about their attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. “There is great value in that”.

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I feel safe here [en el arte] because there is a focus on our struggles as human beings, because it is fraught with danger. and joy too”.

The star concluded: “I think I have to walk with the pain that I experience, and I have to walk with the joy, the beauty“.

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