this humorous message about his accident

Jeremy Renner se fait taquiner par Chris Evans : ce message plein d’humour sur son accident

Seriously injured in a terrible snow removal accident, Jeremy Renner came close to the worst. The events took place on Sunday 1is last January. After first aid from his doctor neighbor, the 52-year-old actor was airlifted to hospital. Since then, Hollywood stars have reacted en masse to support him in this ordeal. Chris Evans was no exception and the least we can say is that it does not lack humor.

Jeremy Renner et Chris Evans @ DR
Jeremy Renner et Chris Evans @ DR

“Has anyone checked the condition of the plow?”

Suffering from a “blunt chest trauma” and of “orthopedic injuries”Jeremy Renner had to undergo two operations, as reported TMZ. Since then, the star of Marvel has regained the hair of the beast. However, he is not out of the woods yet. For him, rehabilitation promises to be very long indeed.

A source close to the actor told the New York Post that his condition is much more worrying than it seems. Recently, the 50-year-old also gave his news. He says he broke “more than 30 bones”. The interpreter of Clint Barton also shared a snapshot of him on social networks in the middle of a rehabilitation session.

Everything suggests that his recovery may take time. Fortunately, Jeremy Renner can count on the support of his family, his fans and also his teammates. With the humor that we know him, Chris Evans did not fail to send him a funny and touching message.

Has anyone checked the condition of the plow??? I send you lots of love.

The one who plays Captain America in the saga Avengers seems to imply that the snow plow is in much worse shape. To which her co-star replied:

I love you brother… I checked the plow, and it needs fuel.

Jeremy Renner receives support from many stars

Like Chris Evans, other actors in the Marvel franchise also reacted to its publication. Indeed, they wanted to give him their support. This is particularly the case of Chris Hemsworth. The interpreter of Thor wrote:

You are a champion! We love you.

This is something to comfort him and give him strength in this ordeal.


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