this gesture which earned him the wrath of Internet users …

Kylian Mbappé : ce geste qui lui a valu de s

The final of the World Cup in Qatar remains across the throat of the men of Didier Deschamps and their supporters. Indeed, the Blues lost to Argentina during the fateful penalty shootout. After this victory, Emiliano Martinez stood out for his gesture on the podium. As a reminder, he placed his best goalkeeper trophy in his private parts. He then took pleasure in making fun of Kylian Mbappé.

Emiliano Martinez @ DR
Emiliano Martinez @ DR

The PSG striker has just reacted to his multiple provocations. Many Internet users have however pointed the finger at his attitude. Unsurprisingly, they expressed their displeasure on Twitter.

Kylian Mbappé filmed without his knowledge

A minute of silence for the young 24-year-old player in the Argentinian locker room, a doll bearing his likeness… Kylian Mbappé took it for his rank after the Qatari World Cup. You have to believe that the Albiceleste goalkeeper has a stubborn grudge. Last May, Lionel Messi’s teammate at PSG said that South American football is not “not as advanced” than in Europe. Emiliano Martinez waited for his country’s victory to attack the football prodigy.

Asked about the Argentine goalkeeper’s provocations, Ethan Mbappé’s older brother told the press:

Celebrations are not my problem.

However, Kylian Mbappé was recently filmed without his knowledge imitating the provocative gesture of Emiliano Martinez at the exit of the PSG training center. Apparently he laughed at his friend Achraf Hakimi and the Morocco team.

“A Perfect Hypocrite”

It was enough to attract the wrath of Internet users. As usual, they expressed their annoyance on Twitter. Visibly angry, some Internet users even have it called a hypocrite. Fans of the Blues striker, however, wanted to salute his gesture. Like what, opinions are divided.

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