The Crown brings Princess Diana’s funeral to the screen amid budding criticism

The Crown brings Princess Diana's funeral to the screen amid budding criticism

While many point to the production for its look at the history of the Royal Family, the directors of The Crown promise to follow in detail the last steps of Lady Di in the sixth season.

The Crown
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The fifth season of The Crown It will arrive in less than a month on Netflix, and promises to bring a lot with it. Not only because the current situation of the Royal Family is completely different, after the death of the Queen isabel IIbut because it will begin to prepare the ground for a shocking sixth installment.

The leaked images of the current shooting of the series, which plans to show the last months of Princess Diana’s life, arouse all kinds of expectations. From her last vacation with her partner Dodi Al-Fayed, through her car accident and later, her massive funeral.

The Crown
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Under the performance of the incredible Elizabeth Debicki, who has incredibly personified the princess of the people, we will go through her last days step by step.

However, the images, despite being celebrated by many fans of the series, have led the production to take decisive action.

The Crown
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And it is that it has been strongly criticized after some of the facts that will be part of the chronology of the last season were known. Like Prince Charles’ alleged disloyalty to conspire against his mother, to Prince Philip’s affair with his friend Penny Knatchbull.

The Crown: This is what Elizabeth Debicki looks like as Lady Di

Despite the fact that fans have been dissatisfied with this vision of the royal family by the creators, they assure that what they do is “fiction”.

The Crown
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Thus, Netflix made an official statement stating that the series is a “fictional dramatization” that is “inspired by real life events”. So it is natural that they play with real events when it comes to bringing them to the screen.

The series created by Peter Morgan will focus its fifth installment on the ’90s, reliving the marriage of Charles of England and Lady Di. As well as reflecting the government of John Major as Prime Minister and the first steps to the death of the “princess of the people”.

the fury of fiction

We already know that the fifth season of the series will arouse mixed feelings among fans of the Royal Family. And it is that, as it is known, it will address different delicate situations of the family that could generate controversies.

As revealed by the production of the Netflix tank, disturbing scenes will show Princess Diana entering a limousine shortly before her death.

EXC Elizabeth Debicki
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Let’s remember that the princess died in a car accident in 1997. However, to calm the waters, Netflix insists that it will not recreate the accident.

Such has been the impact of the series and the fear of what its events will reflect, that The Crown’s social networks have decided to reflect and emphasize that the production is a “fictional” story, based on their own view of the events. .

The fifth season of the series premieres on November 9.

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