Please stop making assumptions, Sydney Sweeney says in defense of family photos

Sydney Sweeney released a photo dump in honor of her mother’s birthday, but it backfired right away since some believed it revealed her actual colors, which they saw as red.

The “Euphoria” actress posted a number of pictures on Instagram on Saturday celebrating her mother Lisa’s 60th birthday with her family. The party was hosted at a ranch of some type, and everyone was donning cowboy hats and boots as part of the hoedown motif.

Seems harmless enough, but some of her admirers are uncomfortable with the aura they’re giving off, especially when it comes to some people’s wardrobes, particularly shirts and caps.

One of the images that SS shared shows her with an older man, her grandma, what appears to be her grandmother, and three other adults, one of them is her mother, the blonde woman. Although we don’t fully know who he is, he might also be related.

People are putting a lot of attention on this guy’s clothing, which appears to be a Blue Lives Matter shirt and is symbolized by a black and white flag with a blue stripe running through the center.

In other images and videos, participants can be seen sporting red MAGA-style caps that read “Make Sixty Great Again” on the front. Trent, her brother, uploaded this, making sure to emphasize that’s exactly what they stated. But the mere fact that they are worn at all is under fire.

If you look at the “Sydney Sweeney” trend right now, you’ll see that some are sarcastically speculating about where her family was on January 6 and anticipating the release of an apologetic video.

Of course, there is a tonne of suppositions and theories being thrown around about this, but they are still being made. The fact that her family seems to be relatively right-wing, or may lean that way, has actually surprised some Sweeney fans.

Just so you know, Sydney is from Washington State but was born and reared in Idaho. Even if her family is conservative, it’s not the terrible sin that Twitter is portraying it to be.

Sydney has addressed the controversy by tweeting:


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