Stéphane does not recover from his elimination “I blame myself”

Le 12 coups de midi : Stéphane ne se remet pas de son élimination "Je m les 12 coups de midi lattitude honteuse de stephane au moment de lelimination les 12 coups de midi lattitude honteuse de stephane au moment de lelimination

On Friday January 20, Stéphane officially been beaten in the 12 strokes of noon. Well, that was on television. Indeed, the former midday master left the TF1 game on December 22, the programs being recorded in advance. But a month after his defeat, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s protege is still not recovered.

Stéphane is still not recovering from his defeat

On August 20, viewers of 12 strokes of noon met Stéphane. The least we can say is that for several months, he will impress viewers with his general culture. Unfortunately, like all good things, there is an end.

And precisely, the end for the midday master was a few days ago. With 568,343 euros in earnings in 153 participations, the father of the family will not have succeeded in being in the Top 3 of the biggest winners. A podium that he absolutely wanted, as he had entrusted to TéléLoisirs:

I was aiming for the top 3. Maybe that’s what made me feel a lot of pressure at the end. In the end, I think the step was too high for me. I focused too much on this goal and maybe that’s also what made me lose.

If the bad news is fresh for viewers, this is not the case for the candidate. In fact, the numbers of 12 strokes of noon are recorded weeks in advance. Thus, the elimination of the fifth greatest champion of TF1 dates from December 22 last. And if we could imagine that time would fix things, it is not so. Stéphane still can’t get over it. If he has dried his tears well, he still says he is “embedded” towards himself.

The former noon master still watches the 12 noon strokes

The worst for Stéphane is not so much the elimination. But the way he lost. Indeed, according to him, the questions on which he stumbled were largely accessible to him. Moreover, this feeling is not likely to leave him anytime soon. Indeed, the former midday master continues to watch the program when he comes home from work. He is therefore able to say whether he could have gone much further or not. Difficult to mourn. In the Journal de la Haute-Marne he confided:

I’m so sorry for having failed on a question within my reach. I know that in the long run, it will disappear, but the wound is still open. The scar is still very fresh, the wound still alive.


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