she comes out of her hinges… “It’s sh*t”

Karine Le Marchand victime d

Usually in a good mood on social networks, Karine Le Marchand pushed a violent roar. And for good reason, some unscrupulous individuals try to manipulate his audience by using his name. These Internet scammers are indeed trying to take advantage of his notoriety to extract money to his community. Fortunately, the M6 ​​star discovered the pot of roses. She wanted to alert her fans to this scam that is growing.

Karine Le Marchand victim of false advertising

Known for her outspokenness, the great friend of Stéphane Plaza did not go through four ways to denounce this scam. She then posted two screenshots in Instagram story to expose their scheme. This is an article that extols the merits ofa slimming product. The title is self-explanatory to say the least.

Karine Le Marchand @ Instagram
Karine Le Marchand @ Instagram

In another story, the one who recently took a selfie with Brad Pitt shared a photomontage made by these malicious people. This is a before/after, which aims to prove the benefits of the product. In this way, Karine Le Marchand warns her fans on Instagram against this scam committed in his name.

Karine Le Marchand @ Instagram
Karine Le Marchand @ Instagram

A host very close to her audience

It is out of the question for the former girlfriend of rapper JoeyStarr that this new scam develops on the Web. Always benevolent, the 54-year-old presenter wanted to alert her subscribers on Instagram. This is one of its many qualities. It is therefore no coincidence that she is, once again, elected “favorite animator of the French”.

This year again, Karine Le Marchand plays the matchmaker on M6. Indeed, Alya’s mother will be in charge of the 18e season of Love is in the meadow. For your information, the famous dating show is back on the Six from January 30th.


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