See Dua Lipa Soaking Up The Sun in a Barely-There Bikini

Dua Lipa is an English singer-songwriter who is renowned for her mezzo-soprano voice and distinct disco-pop sound. The artist already holds a position on the UK Albums Chart and has won three Grammy Awards. In a barely-there bikini, she recently shared a selfie of herself on Instagram while relaxing by the pool. On what appears to be a lovely day, Lipa appears to be soaking up the sun. The image was uploaded by the singer yesterday as part of a day and night series. The photo has already received over 2 million likes, indicating that her supporters liked it.

The two-piece bathing suit has darker green strings that are covered in a butterfly pattern, as well as sage green threads. To highlight the many colours of green, Dua Lipa added silver accessories, such as a diamond pinky ring, a silver chain bracelet, and hoops earrings. Lipa decided to enjoy the day without wearing any makeup, and she has pulled her black hair back into a ponytail. For the last few days of what has surely been a sweltering summer, the butterfly print is ideal. The heart-shaped tattoos can be seen on her right arm. The aesthetic is relaxed and natural. It showcases the singer’s inner and outer beauty.

The length of Dua Lipa’s career may be to blame for her absence from the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. Even though the pop artist was nominated in five categories, she was nowhere to be found. She was celebrating a friend’s wedding in France, it was learned. In one image, she was wearing a white dress by Jacquemus and toting a black purse. The pop diva received nominations for Song of the Year, Best Art Direction, Best Collaboration, and more. The song “Sweetest Pie,” which she co-wrote with Megan Thee Stallion, received three nominations. The song was sung by Lipa and Stallion as seductive witches who entice guys into a forest with the goal to eat them. On Twitter, Stallion explained that the song’s message is about men “attacking women for whatever cause,” and then women “rising from the ashes stronger than before.”

Prior to joining Warner Bros. Records in 2014, Dua Lipa was a model. Soon after, she dropped her debut album, which made several year-end lists and was shortlisted for British Album of the Year at the Brit Awards. The most listened to an album by a female artist on Spotify, Lipa’s debut album has made it to the top 10 of the charts in 14 different nations. She made a big milestone in 2021 by surpassing Ariana Grande as the female artist with the most Spotify listeners, a distinction she had the previous year. The pop artist was named one of the most influential women in the worldwide entertainment sector by Variety.

Dance-pop and electronic music were influences on Future Nostalgia, her second studio album. Dua Lipa received her first-ever nomination for the Mercury Prize and a new spot on the UK charts thanks to the album. Lipa hinted that her upcoming album was “50 percent done” in March. She also mentioned that she doesn’t intend to hasten its publication, which is unfortunate for her followers.


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