released his new album Midnights

released his new album Midnights

The artist has received very good reviews for her long-awaited return to music. Taylor Swift’s 10th album ‘Midnights’ crashes Spotify.

Taylor Swift
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Con ‘Midnights’, Taylor Swift has marked an unprecedented milestone. The country singer is now poppier than ever and she managed to win over audiences and critics alike with her tenth album.

Taylor’s return is one of the most anticipated of the year, although he managed to exceed all expectations. In the early hours of this October 21, the artist released her long-awaited album and collapsed Spotify.

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Without too many advances of the album, other than its release date and title, which basically advances its creative process (midnights), Taylor gave his fans a masterful album. As much or more than her old albums.

Midnights includes 13 songs, which represent ‘new works’ of the singer. In addition, it adds three bonus tracks on different platforms and editions of the album.

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On the other hand, Midnights: Lavender Edition, which is a Target exclusive, features a bonus song and two remixes. Is about Hits Different, You’re On Your Own, Kid (Strings Remix) y Sweet Nothing (Piano Remix).

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The album itself has shown that Swift is in one of her best creative moments. Midnights is halfway between folkiewith the use of synthesizers and digital processing of voices, and a marked dreamlike atmosphere typical of a sleepless morning.

Critics love Taylor Swift

It is the first of his 10 albums that begins and ends with unmitigated love songs.“, write Chris Willman in Varietyalleging that for this album “it’s worth losing sleep”.

Describe a Midnights como “mpop music infused with synthesizers and programmed rhythms” and “no acoustic instruments and high string guitars”. The acclaimed critic praised Swift assuring that “has retained the confidence to maintain intimacy for an entire album

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On the other hand, Jason Lipshutz of Billboard, calls Midnights a “new focused project that extends the legacy” for Swift. And ensures that, as Reputation [2017] y Lover [2019]es “sonically more amorphous than the conventional pop of 1989 or the indie-folk of Folklore and Evermore“.

A dazzling bath of synthesizers that complement lyrics caught between a love story and a plot of revenge“, describe Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone .

The list of topics

1. Lavender Haze

2. Maroon

3. Anti-Hero

4. Snow On The Beach (con Lana Del Rey)

5. You’re On Your Own, Kid

6. Midnight Rain

7. Questions…?

8. Vigilante Sh **

9. Bejeweled

10. Labyrinth

11. Karma

12. Sweet Nothing

13. Mastermind.

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