pregnant with twins at 48, she does not give up sport

Hilary Swank : enceinte de jumeaux à 48 ans, elle ne renonce pas au sport

Last October, Hilary Swank created a surprise on the set of Good Morning America. All smiles, the actress 48 ans then revealed expecting twins. Madly in love with her husband Philip Schneider, the pretty brunette will soon discover the joys of motherhood. Scheduled for April 16, her delivery should take place under very high surveillance. Unsurprisingly, this twin pregnancy at a late age is particularly risks. While waiting for the big day, the American star seems to be bursting with energy. A few days ago, she even appeared in full workout on social networks.

An incredible energy

Hilary Swank must certainly complex more than one. At 48 and pregnant with twins, the actress is in top form. While some much younger moms-to-be are exhausted, the one who lost her dad continues to exercise on a regular basis. On Saturday January 21, the star of Boys don’t cry caused a sensation by filming himself in full training. The round belly molded in a gray top, the forties appeared all smiles lifting weights in the arms:

My babies and months we train.

She wrote in the caption of a stunning video.

Very enthusiastic, many of her fans supported her in her approach.

A “miracle” pregnancy

On October 6, Hilary Swank was present in the Drew Barrymore Show where she revealed the date of her delivery. To the angels, the future mother then explained that this twin pregnancy was unexpected. On Christmas Day, the actress posed in front of her tree, confessing that she and her husband could not have wished “a greater miracle”. The forty-year-old then expressed her gratitude for these “two gifts that will last a lifetime”. In a few weeks, the star and her husband will finally be able to hold their babies in their arms.



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