Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are accused of contradicting each other in their stories

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are accused of contradicting each other in their stories

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are about to launch their documentary series, although it is not without drama. Sources indicate that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry give different versions of the same events.

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Netflix sources have accused Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry of giving contradictory versions of the same situations. This comparison is based on the next documentary series that the Dukes will launch on the platform and the next Harry book.

As he has delved into Page Sixafter contacting sources close to the couple, the dukes would have problems fitting their versions of events.

A lot in the show contradicted what Harry had written so that was a problem”, revealed a senior Netflix source to the aforementioned medium.

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Harry and Meghan then made significant requests [a los cineastas] to get them to push back the content they themselves had provided, for their own project”, added the source.

Ex-employees of Meghan Markle classify her as a “narcissistic sociopath”

Everything indicates that the British crown couple has been filming their documentary for the last year. Among their statements, they discussed the royal family, including the prince William (Harry’s brother) and Kate Middleton. They would also have declared about her relationship with King Carlos III and the queen consort, Camila.

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Sources indicate that, after the death of the Queen isabel II, the dukes would have been to edit some of their statements. However, it is not in Netflix’s plans to delay the documentary.

These are Netflix’s plans for the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle docuseries

Everything indicates that the launch of the series is scheduled for December, after the launch of the fifth season of The Crown November 5. So these weeks will be decisive to conclude your final project, since Netflix takes a few weeks to edit it and translate it into different languages.

The Crown and Harry’s Memoirs

Netflix is ​​practically hoarding the content of the British royal family. Despite the fact that the Duke of Sussex will launch his memoirs, which do not yet have a publication date, the platform will be in charge of having the voice of Lady Di’s youngest son first-hand.

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On the other hand, Netflix is ​​under the watchful eye of viewers after rumors spread of some controversial scenes that will be seen in The Crown.

Everything indicates that scenes of Prince Philip having an affair with his friend Penny Knatchbull could appear. A detail considered in bad taste considering that the series will premiere only two months after Isabel’s death.

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