Laura Lempika talks about her “bad mood” of the moment

"Des jours sans" : Laura Lempika s

A few weeks ago, Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina announced their separation. 4 months after their marriage, the lovebirds decided by mutual agreement to walk separately. Since then, the reality TV candidate has lived alone in Dubai with Zlatan, the couple’s little boy. But this new life solo mom doesn’t seem not always easy. This beginning of the week, the pretty brunette confided on the social network with the pink logo that she was going through sometimes complicated moments.

Morale at zero?

This Monday, January 23, Laura Lempika spent “a sh*t day”. Without going into further detail on the reasons for his big slack, the young woman explained that she was not in her best shape. After specifying that there were “days with and days without”, the pretty brunette invited her community to “be positive”. Despite her rather optimistic state of mind, the influencer admitted to sometimes suffering from “bad mood”. Rather introverted, Zlatan’s mother clarified that sport helped her “externalize”. To conclude, Manon Marsault’s friend wrote that it was important to “take care” of yourself because “no one” else is likely to do so.

Touched by this message, her fans hope that she will quickly regain her beautiful energy.

Nikola Lozina singled out

A few days ago, Nikola Lozina was lynched on the web. Currently with his family in Belgium, the young man is far from his son Zlatan. A choice that earned him many reviews. Last weekend, the reality TV candidate unveiled several hateful comments on his Snapchat account. Shocked, the influencer clarified that he was in his country of origin in order to finalize projects to “ensure the future” of his little boy. He should return to Dubai soon. After their divorce, the couple will live separately in the city of excess.

Laura Lempika, Nikola Lozina and their little Zlatan @Instagram
Laura Lempika, Nikola Lozina and their little Zlatan @Instagram


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