Lana del Rey urged her fans not to access leaked personal information: “I’m worried about that”

Lana del Rey urged her fans not to access leaked personal information:

The singer had her laptop stolen a few months ago and claims her songs and photos are leaking online. Also, Lana del Rey reveals that she lost a book she was working on after the theft.

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King’s wool has admitted to being “concerned” about her sensitive data after his laptop was stolen a few months ago from your vehicle. The singer went to Instagram to talk to her fans and followers and urge them not to consume her leaked content until she decides to officially publish it.

Thus, the artist revealed that all the contents of her computer, cameras and hard drives are in the hands of the theft. As well as a book she was working on, which was deleted.

The artist went to Instagram and told his fans what happened. According to her account, her backpack, where she carried her laptop, was taken from her car when she got out for a moment.

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The one time I left my backpack in my car, someone broke all the windows and took it away. And inside was my computer and my three camcorders and my hard drives”.

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Lamenting what happened, Lana states that probably “the worst thing” is that “ended up erasing the book from the important publisher Simon & Schuster where i was working”. The artist explains that “I didn’t have a backup in a cloud, because we don’t have any cloud system that we access”.

Despite having deleted his files, “people this week can still remotely access our phone and leak our personal songs and photos“.

His new leaked album

Lana is currently working on her ninth studio album after her latest release. Blue Banisters last year. Thus, the artist encouraged her fans not to listen to the leaks.

Even though all of this is happening, I’m confident in the album to come. And, despite so many safety factors on so many different levels, I really want to persist and make the best record that I can.“.

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Lana went on to talk about a similar situation her family experienced in 2019, when personal items were stolen.

Thus, he combined the difficulties of exhibiting his musical work and having to eliminate his book in process due to the actions of other people.

I think it’s important to say that it’s a hindrance in terms of the creative process and keeping things safe and valuable. And also stay safe with all the action that has been going on around me, my home, everywhere we go.”

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I don’t even think a privacy plea will do any good.”, he continued. And he explained that together with his family they were planning to make a compilation of videos from the last two years, making it “in a small fragment of our lives in recent years”.

To close her extensive video, Lana stated that this leak of private information represents “a challenge” for her.

Please don’t listen to the music if you listen to it. Not yet out. And as for the book, I loved the book I lost with all my heart and put a lot of passion into it. And as for the camcorders, we’ll see what happens with that.”.

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The interpreter concluded by stating that “I’m worried about that… it’s like the third time this has happened.”

Regardless of the leak conflicts, Lana is in for big news in the near future. The artist will appear on the upcoming tenth album of Taylor Swift with a song called Snow On The Beachwhich is officially launched tomorrow.

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